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Flamey Flame

Why do guys do this

-In some cop cars you can see on the scan saying officer Cross is on pursuit, reference to Sargent Cross from Need for Speed Most Wanted and Carbon

Nancy Martin

I don’t get it......?

Sweat Bb boy

So it’s call depression




Me: Stealing a nuclear

Juan Delgado

rip baseball court

Kanchana Samarasekera


code ghost

the first one i agree i seen this video before and i came back just looking for that creepy easter egg

Justin Jones

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Houston Downs

I’m Mr. No touch

sir velbloud

You is best

Joshua Pendergraft

Ty taking credit for cody’s production of wiff opportunity

Sefruit Channel

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Balaji a A

"You have to hit Bulls eye to beat me"😄😂

(Edit) Jaiden you should be comfortable wearing the shirt you got it doesn't really matter the gender the shirt is meant for it's just a shirt.

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Wynaut:gotta go fast

Sullivan Britt

Do Carolina Panthers edition.

Jacqueline Phan

I think Jim would help her fight anxiety.

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I mean, i love GTA yes, and i agree with you,'brilliant story with brilliant characters', i agree with that. Im just sad that WE need to wait 3 weeks until the multiplayer

Elliott R

Also, the Big Daddy and Little Sister represent a huge relationship that takes place all throughout Bioshock Infinite. That of Songbird and Elizabeth, which the designs of Songbird were taken from original Big Daddy blueprints, as you find out in the game, I can't remember exactly where though or I'd let you know, sorry. It shows the dead Big Daddy to now represent the dead Songbird, both of which had an intimate relationship with the one they were protecting (little sister and Elizabeth).


Well done dude!

Fabián Jeldres Polanco

wena wena waton culiao misterin

Jasmine Diaz

I understand 100 percent how she feels and she right anyone can get emotionally abuse I know cause my stepdad did it to me and the only person that care was my dad even know he was on drugs at that time but he still care unlike my mom she always took my stepdad side even know she knew he was wrong and she till take his side no matter what

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Wth the woods

Jeremiah Maese

I like baeseball

PD: como chucha la gente le gusta está mierd@? La humanidad está bajando cada ves más :v

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Pewdiepie vs T-series

Painted Note

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Hold on who's spitting them bars

Litzy Villanueva

I wanna hear the wife’s side of the story

Xerxes jr Stark

that was so sad I feel like you hate your mom and dad because he drink that was sad and bad


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Do movie easter eggs about hunger games its my fav series


Jennifer Proctor

Ok dude perfect. Like this comment if you like and watch dude perfect.

but if she actually said the f word and her

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God doesn't agree with Gays, but he did say to respect peoples choices and opinions.

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I have been rewatching all stereotypes videos 24/7

Beside the easter eggs, the game is pretty good too. If you want story, it's a 4/10. if you want to blow stuff up its a solid 7/10. So I hope you guys like the video as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for watching!

Milkyway backup


some bleeding eyes

wtf is slendy man doin their

Kirsty Walker

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All r my favorite!!!