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What about the Easter egg where Samuel l Jacksons character says "Hold on to your butts" right before the helicopters take off, which is a reference to his character in Jurassic Park


gta iv never forgotten

Cohen Schmud

Exactly I just achieved one of my goals today


Pay attention to Alaïa at 1:52

Cristiane Silva

Algum brasileiro

Corey Baker

You should flip a person.

Shayla Wilson

The plot of this story is that Ariendale (sorry if I spelled that wrong) has secrets and Elsa, Anna, and the gang is trying to uncover answers about their City.

I'm HallyuUmma

Remembering their debut! I did not make the mistake of waiting to Stan ATeez!

Za Phil

I think the camera man is the panda

Cold Player

guy, it was awesome, totally love it. with yoủ skill about throw blitzball, baseball and more, how about try throw card playing, same technic of hand but harder. just a hint ^^. y'all rock



Tittle: A Psychopath Broke Into My House 😂

Shana Jackson

I got finding nemo and thwvthord one faster than garret

Scootawesome 66

Last one is so easy


This is the number of how many times thye made video about a story.

Little Bonf

"let's Go baby" i'm cry ever


I'm not a winner, actually, no. :"(

sad edits

mr beast : first to breathe wins $50,000

Haydn Woods

thats the first time a girls been in a vidio

Maria Papadaki

When you both stated crying, I cried too. Congratulations!! I love you all so much!!❤️❤️


2014 is too spoopy for me