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Me and the boys making barbecue sauce at 3:14 PM Pacific Time at Seattle, Washington in the kitchen


does anyone know what gloves those are he's wearing in the beginning?


bring out James Winston may not be good but good arm

Lewis Mcb

The hot air balloon is a nice easter egg in the game as it is a reference to lost because Ben lyness said he crashed it on the island even though it wasn't his

Cristobal Tetamantti

But who are they? Hawkeye the Avengers?

Unicorn Ellie

This is soo nice!



Syahrul Firmansyah

Shit that battlefield 4 easter egg creep me put

Edit :22 trending 😍




5:15 what ksi mumbled🤣🤣

Cool Whip

Like a boss

Grant Bow

How did the ball fit through the little hole in the roof

NV Camzo .C.

You are awesome


dude those are some hardcore easter eggs. good shit!


There is another UFO in GTA V. i don't remember were it is because it is in the ocean, but if you get a submarine and look around long enough you'll find one sunk. It was freaky as hell

Last time I checked I didn’t see him, slack off on the job, ruin a expensive suit, and ruin a important DAY

Fortnite Gaming

Is this real?

TheSuper AseanGuy

That was the cool explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gozándose la vida como es

Cha Cha Barney

Should've done FNAF Help Wanted.


Mitsu Chan

Who else noticed that "the jerk's" hair changed from jet black to dirty blonde/blonde?

Jana ppf

Can we go out on a date, Anthony Padilla? 👀👀👀👀

Elëctric Elf

Vice City is the best.

crikey 5752

“Hi. I’m JJ. I’m 25.”

Destiny _

Rug said 458 but it showd 485???????

Sameer Das

What's The Name Of the song playing at the back 😍😍🔥🔥...Reply You Know That Song...But dude perfect you guys are lit 🔥🔥🔥

ghalj Slayz

Mind checking me out?

Milana Dunn

How do you break your ankle giving out diapers

Stopmotion _Animations

Almost 100M

kathi_ bam

Wow only wow... You are awesome😳😃💖