How to get orders on Fiverr? How to get your 1st order on Fiverr? - YouTube

Lots of you have created an account on Fiverr and offering the best service that you can but you may not have been blessed with even a single order or maybe you are getting too few orders. In this video, I have discussed in details about the Tips and tricks to follow (must) to be successful on Fiverr. Follow these tips and rest assured that you will soon start receiving new orders.For any query, you can write down in the comment box or you can also email me at

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Peer pressure

jeff camperud

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@FunWithGuru how did u add me on psn if ur offline for like 21 days



KiDD Rush that's inappropriate

Gacha_Wolf _89

Give her sister back please. And stay strong.

EnderMiner 21

That moment when you receive 15 credits after 3 years...

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Χριστίνα-Μπέτυ Λιαδέλλη

I had a panic attack at class too



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Why does she look like that when shes 65kg? Im ~175lbs and my stomach isnt visible through any shirt i wear and i still have an hourglass figure. Maybe because im taller?


Is that a emperor leviathan's voice?


12:26, music please

Brandon Sarkozy

#18 trending in Indonesia.... I always waiting for #1 trending in all country

Ben Ireland

can we please stop from having sponsored people on this show Nike Nike Nike that's all I ever see

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Brandon Rothwell

What video program do u use

shannon wade

7:37 proud eagle

Prabu Sunadi Vlog

This should be the most world record got in 1 day

Nathaniel Wheeler

Watching this in 2017 and Cody looks so different

Charles Xavier

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Football not ”soccer”


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Awesome Aquatic50

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Juno Bricks

Ok, most of the comments are about "Sweet Home Alabama". WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN!


did you put the battle field easter egg next to the BioShock one because they say similar things?


My fair share of pain

I love freddie

I lost my job today.

Natalie Juenemann

You sound like your like 12 years old

Quinton Pyle

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Ray Drake

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Chano Cortez

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Ethan Paisley

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12:10 LOL , that's "Noisy Cricket" from Men in Black, normaly Joker must fly Backwards because of the insane rebound of that thing XD