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Official Symba

Awwww kitty's 🐱


Why isnt this called mini golf trick shots?

Jackie Bonnell

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Zachary VanDer Haag

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bon zuii

When my mom's first child was in her uterus, the child ate their own poop. And now im here.

Maddie Meek

I feel so bad 🙁😞

Preda Claudiu

Man, You are awseom I love you (no homo)


The scenes from Toy Story and The Simpsons are definitely my favorites :)

Bio Hazard

Next Navy Seal

paradox 8808

Wheres spiderman when you need him...

Omar Sukar

U dye on fortnite from 15m her u jump from 5000m u don't dye

Elizabeth Mitchell

That's when my mental health issues started. It seems to be a problem alot of girls/women face.

Roger Reyes

The best easter egg video I have ever seen! Amazing job Guru!

Ellie Stock

in the first one, it'd be cool f you shot the heart and blood exploded everywhere......... im weird, yeah


Oh I have all 9, whoops

Shadow Man

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Abdul s

I'm 15 and I'm the same as she, I know how she feels.♡ This story makes me cry.

Its (Silly Goose) ZeN

i just dont like david gillespie

Kalib Craft vlogs

Jeylocity 04

Please doa trick shot video with Bruce Cook!!!


guru the game destiny has a vanguard symbol and behind the place you have to go to the symbol is behind that

Mustafa Emir Dizdar

This is fikirtepe

Awho Chen

Your voice. This music. Ooh. It's indescribable!

Ricardo Alberto

great video :D mi heart is fast and furious xD emmmmm name of the background



Sarah Bare

This brought tears in my eyes

maximus Barlow

I thought that it was gonna be a reference to legend of zelda " raccoon city it's a zombie abiss, it's dangerous to go alone take this!"

Emerald Lee

Every time she says jarred

Gamer Oskar

This story is straight fuced up