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Sreeja Yarasi

You don’t know the value of a person unless there’re no more 😢😞🥺

Mind of freeky comedy


Bella LaFore

I’m an 11 year old girl and 111 pounds damn faze haha 😂

Sam Blanchard

@gaseak2 This is recreational you mofo


Max payne moral:

Football/Soccer Nation

Germany, but Nigeria Forever

Olivia Leskiw

I just love you Tati! I want to be your best friend!! xoxo

Christopher Thompson

Are those chemicals ok for the community to breathe in? People think they can do anything.

Ma Lawrence

i found out that dying light the follwoing also referenced the fight of David and Goliath, and also i found a raft appears to be cast away,and a football with bloody hand marks on it

Greyson Farmer

I think Russel was the coolest out of all the other NFL players

Nate_Does Anything

Jeff vs Rudy vs juanpa vs twan who is better


wow an amazing lack of brains; if the devolopers went through the trouble of putting that sign in such an out of place area.... It's an easter egg.

I have 0 friends and all my teachers put me at a Desk alone with no one

Sub2 P3wdi3p13

Reaches into underwear for cell phone.

Vikrant Gade

3.41 ummmm you are suppose to jump at that moment not make way for the ball😅

Scarlegend -


Maréchal de France, Sauveur de Verdun

Don't you want to have a real job instead of playing as kid...


4 M sub congrat

I killed 10 pigs in Minecraft

anessa jory

You guys should film with softball athlete Lauren chamberlain

Ahmed Alisha Shaik

Best editing ever seen

Who Cares

no man lie


"Momma he's a real panda!" LOL

Abhishek Kolhe

Try vollyball trick shots

Janessa Tosh

God can heal you if you believe in him


Someone Loves DJ Khaled


I am rather perplexed that the one reporter was so concerned for Trump Tower.

Nemo's Dick

Captain america only got smashed cause he didn't have his shield on😤

Garrett Peters

The cool thing is that all of these kids had know idea that these people would have 20 million subs in 8 years

Boston Overstreet

Do more overtime

Sweet Tooth

i mean. yeah, pretty accurate.

My Kid Life

this is a really great vid thx for the content even 7 months after this vid uploaded it's still awesome to watch

And cry

adriana ortega

please judge the jaclyn hill lipsticks on a video!!

Thuggie Puggie

Iwould call it the up and in


7 people are not running away from the scene of the crime


Have fun in hell then


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Stavros Gate7

Luxury/Expendive/Gourmet Restaurant

"I know there is something in here"

P.S. Griffin, Ryan, Cedric, keep doing what you do! never watched stuff with your dub but it's a good thing that there is some guys and girls like you out there in english community, too!


You all are the best bro

Iamnotapotato Theborderlandsnerd

This doesn’t really tell me much about the game. I only know it exists now.

Katie Compton

Can I just ask why all the Kardashian girls go for black guys? It's weird every single one of them have gone for black guys


Who thinks Anna will have some powers in part 2?

maria angelina

it was a great video tho❤️✨

Bob Lee

Do a car trick shots

saher sheikh


Rc Seeker

I died in a plane crash My adopted child is my real child


19 bounces

* shot self *

Hemang Chauhan

That God of War one !

Disney XD

Arthur Morgan

I don’t fear death i just can’t think about my family living without me

North Coast Kings

Make a video with 21 pilots like if you agree!


@XxBUTT3RxNUTZxX maybe you can be 'famis' for spelling


johnny bridges

listen guys if u have played arkham ayslum at the end you will know that scarecrows hand comes out of the water and grabs a titan box this is my idea of what happend to scarecrow he grabbed the titan box and injected him self with titan and swam to shore in arkham city than he went to bludhaven and made a deal with falcone so falcone shiped the bugs to a arkham city boat and than did some expermints on the guy and stored him on the boat make sense like if u thinks it makes sense????????????????

R6 QUARANTINE:Hold my hostage

King Jordan

Funny video but cowboys are trash

Make so many over times