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This is one of the best youtube channels of the 2010s. It's intresting, funny and the videos are well edited! Keep the good work, Guru!

Piotr Stokowski

Oh boy here I go watching again

Not a single soul in the world:

Awsim Busoul

Watch Digs needs one for the mystery killer



So proud from london

Choly Celestino

broke down crying when shredder just wanted to welcome his momma and brother 😭😭😭😭 so happy for you guys wish you the best!!!!!!!!


William The Conqueror (The Norman King) vs Monkey D.Luffy (King of the Pirates)




I want To Play this game this is my dream

Someone made a channel

Idk why but I just thought that he made her do extra push ups or was really mean.

Quinn Davis


Michael Channing

Go pack Go

Bones McRattley

I actually found the anagram one myself, so I went to check if any Youtubers found it.

bill chapman


Joaquin Gonzalez


Oluseyi Babayeju

My mom is 42 and her childhood photos are in black and white

venkat anuj

Is that anwar??


Or they could have put in the notched pickaxe because they did a big chitchat thing between Todd and Notch at E3 2011

Cool.Yeah cool!

Life of sorta Joana

Me Ambria challenges

Lucas Hibdon

yes chainsaw


well now its confirmed... im an introvert but 20x more awkward and takes 3hours to make up excuses lol


They show this video every year

Hypers Edge

Hey Tyler what putter do you use

It itches really bad and makes my skin swell and get red so i only wear the real thing

First leaving your wife and get someone new, just to see that you still love her😑

Mr. Balloffur

Please do a full brush tutorial, I have no idea what to use where and what to buy.

Also Dude Perfect: we were born for this...

Roblo Bot

"Delicious fucking donut spotted!"

The Black Naruto

If only Fortnite was that simple instead of getting into a 13 minute build fight

Pratik Bhatta

2:51 was that a credit card?

Captain Ham

I’ve been playing this game for a week and I got 211 score



Major Colonna

urbigest fan is right here DP

Katelin Little

Where’s coby

Squids AJ

No one: Perfect perfect


Holy shit Fig Horns sound scary!

Freds James

Mean the giveaway

Cristian Ballesteros

You are betterthantheMarronteam white

christian swisher

Lmao half the vid is insane freakouts. Great stuff tho i give you props. Its not as easy as he makes it look trust me i tried.

Mohan Kumar B.N

Congrats again Tyler


they are in colorado springs colorado

kang dedymanggar

US Independence Day stereotype.

Joshua Dcosta

Have a pubg battle

XDSilver 3D

What is the use of this 2nd movie man the 1st one was already happy and good

Ashraf Ali

170 million views and only 1.7 million likes. Not enjoyable content on views

Adi Dascalu

2018 anyone?

F U. U. C KK


The fact that I can HEAVILY relate to this girl and her symptoms...Oh boy.