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I Caught A GOLD DIGGER Pretending My Restaurant Was Hers.. SO I TRAPPED HER.. (Roblox) This GOLD DIGGER was pretending my restaurant was hers so I came up with a genius gold digger bait plan and trapped her!subscribe 2 my vlog channel: is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages.

Goblin 987

Who would win

Young Alberto

Every since I watch this video I cry 😢, I know my Nigga Nip is in better place now.


VroomVroom Lm

Where is garrett


Do you people know about Mr beast he is a big fan of yours

just klyde

Cut or shaved


Kaiden Brown


Elizabeth Cavazos


Hayden Thompson

Please do.Ben roethlisberger

Thomas Ugava

I though there was a wedding ring, car keys, money. Typical for spoilt girls.

cool underwear lol

Minute videos:7MINUTES

toyaal kone

inviting video

Toy adventures with Ulfa Raihanah

This is sooo true, the clumsy part is. If I just drop my fork on the table, she will yell and say I’m clumsy and have butter fingers!

Evan Dupler

I hope they recycled those bottles.....


Im so Team Rhonda! I love that woman. 😂😂

Nekonezinu Unatkalnekonezinu

if i tell my dad or my mom they both will just say praise jesus! He doesn't help! I tried everything! I cried! I showed my scars i did everything but they just said " praise Jesus. He will help you"

aryan vinod


Girls you are 100% beautiful I know it’s hard to see and you might think if I eat less then I’ll me skinny but it should never get to this point instead of improving your looks improve your self I know we all want to be really skinny that’s what so many of us have grown up believing because we would watch our favourite shows on tv and start thinking that’s how we need to look this idea is put into us at a young age so it’s hard to get rid of but believe me girls we are strong, powerful and 110% absolutely handsdown gorgeous 😘

rookie cookie

if he had been in a relationship before how did you make that his first date??

RMP 376

Go jets

spy plane

this is like. the plot of a family guy episode

Me: I just watched the saddest thing that has ever been created


Omg j lo

2. Pray an hour or 2 with this video ( )and I been open and hoping that you can come fill it (Hmm)

Rei Domi



Zoe. Elkington

I don't want war I'm only eleven years old what if I have to go to war and fight only because Donald Trump was selfish and greedy


I freaking love that you do these crazy easter eggs in your own videos. Thanks for being so great :)

Ivan Maras

Flat Earth


Haha, so many memes in this video.


He was straight because, gay stands for good at yugioh

Pug Face!

Tyler you should be Dallas’s starter goalie

Bryner Chavez

Callaway Softball Trick Shot

jinat jahan

Make a bug dragon type

Teiya Griffin

Dark crusted looking skin

Cristiano Ronaldo

The last shot of Coby is unbelievable

Nick Lorenz

Wait, what? I thought the Easter egg from the Atari game “Adventure” was the first one. Was this one found later?

Rafi Animations

shaves head while asleep and then somehow ends up in a pavement like she fell of a mountain?

Fluttershy Nimation

Pls, explain how Kristoff meet the trolls

Jacob Smith

I also bowl with 2 hands

Ajk 1206

Kareem hunt Trickshots anyone?

Noah brack


Mikaela cindy

If someone cheat on you, please End it, Your Torturing yourself.


how did you get hold of the font? :P

Joy Cha

Elsa is sporting a Mother Gothel look

King Vinz

Real life trick shots 4 please😫🙏🙏💓

My mom's really lucky


Deadpool confirm in mcu

Tristan USA

Film with kirk cousins and adam thielen

The king of DIY

Intro is ossum

Old Bird Gaming

It looks so good