IN THE SHED Ep15 - JAZZ DRUMMING - Intro To Comping

CLICK HERE for details on how you can support this channel on PATREON! great lesson for beginner and intermediate jazz students. This is an introduction to left hand (or right hand for you lefties) comping while you're swingin'. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL to join the others who are discovering that this is one of the coolest spots for drum lessons!Follow Rob on Instagram @OfficialRobBrownOnDrums*DOWNLOAD ROB’S NEW ALBUM* 'Beatdown's Pocket Builders’ featuring 10 original and seriously groovy PLAY-ALONG TRACKS for drummers of all levels! Now available on iTunes and several other online stores! iTunes US CanadaPlayon many other popular download & streaming sites.WEBSITEFAN PAGE: ONLINE STORE BROWN ENDORSES

Aiden Ashworth

Watch_Dogs Legion was okay, everything else was pretty shit to be honest.

Tartar Titans

Mum: am i a joke to you?

Roberto Perez

Ooh Marbles got style⚡

Kid on a Dirtbike

Poor bkes

Peter Han

yea they used to but recently they haven't done any classic backyard shots or anything like that

Danish Faisal

Cory you are amazing bro👌

And don't gotta explain (Nah), 'cause I got plenty stains (Stains)

abish rajan

support you eyebrows............. love ya


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4:23 You're*

Azziza Robinson

She seems so annoyed by him lol

Kelli Borjas

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Ethan Tam

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the chicken's coop


Joe Bigs

The goalie shots R the best

Abil Batman

What's your Outro song?

Daniel William Hutchinson

5:02 he hits the car so hard

Shan Nonymous

can't help but think of dreadful 911

Muhamad Aldi



this made my year started awesome thanks mate

Kainoa Koolaid


John Doe

I love these videos but I gotta ask how often are these easter eggs you found.

Lucas Backs


Fari'ah Aisyah

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David Berry


Akseli Björkbacka

The dark crystal got a video game last night for nintendo switch

Nipa Mehta

Please make new Nerf video

Pasta Paradox

My mom’s boyfriend cheated on her once. They’re back together now, but I can still hear them shouting over the phone sometimes...


Should have asked Iggy about the threesome 😂


I laugh in the face of jumpscares cries like a girl

Samuel Anneken

2:54 u should’ve flipped the books and it would’ve been cooler


Your easter eggs is just a bunch of references.

TheSketchy Kid

2019 anyone?



Kojo Brown

#TheMarathonContinues ‼️💙🖤💙🏁


I thought her stepmother was her biological mother. The title messed me up

Aidey8 mph

There is cursing?!