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Investment Options are shrinking these days read one of the newspaper headlines. It is only true for risk-free investors. On the contrary, i feel that risk takers have lot more options than ever before. These options may deliver up to 40% return on your investment. Some of these options are1. Bitcoins2. Corporate Fixed Deposits3. Intraday Trading4. Commodities5. Invest in markets abroad expected to do well6. Forex 7. P2P Lending8. Future and Options9. Sectoral Mutual Funds10 Private LendingFor an investor, it is important to understand the risk involved as the higher returns are always accompanied by the higher risk. Some of these options are not regulated in India. If you liked this video, You can "Subscribe" to my YouTube Channel. The link is as followssubscribing, You can daily watch a new Educational and Informative video in your own Hindi language.For more such interesting and informative content, join me at:Website: #NitinBhatia


i thought this video was going to end in a massive gang bang


Jeff Cockrell

@Dude Perfect yall need to better music like fancy uptown funk or jealous

lushwa L.M.G

0:49 is the coolest dust shot they’ve ever done

sir capitano

I wonder how many times it took Tyler to make that hole in one...

jonathan flash

I am so happy coby won his first time.

Ella Dillon

I’m from the Philippines 🇵🇭

Jeffrey Cooney

Team coby all the way! And I wish that water balloon pop on cody*


He atacc Alex! Dont leave ur mouth open! *throws tomato in his mouth * thats better!


when devs want their game to be like dark souls

Mad Orange



Goodwork funwithguru

Jonathan Ferrara

How screwed is johnny now

Janae Kwan

YOU ARE NOT YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I noticed kane at the bar when i trivgerd the fight scene. He throws the first punch.

Boros Csaba

The WHOLE game is an easter egg :D



Tomohiko Tatsuno

As a prior employee of TRH I'll say the onion has a special sauce they serve with it that is meant to go with it, not horseradish.

Helena the kawaii Unicorn

He’s gonna swim a mile I betcha I could not even walk a mile or run a mile I would be a able to ride in a car for a mile 😜

(Thx Coby and cody)


"arent you the one thats never won a battle" got me laughing so hard but still team Coby for life


The Easter Egg is from Titanfall 2.

Lathan Hilfiger

How do u expect alot of people on or game if it cost mulla


Is it just me or more new games are just coming out


I've seen most of these EXCEPT the Calendar Man!! You always find something no one else sees!

loco hog

Who's the dev who keeps putting his waifus in the games he makes?

Mark Crossan


Hellfire Black

this could of been cod but y'all playin' lmao

professor hentai

Hey guru are there any easter eggs in the multiplayer maps?


Whatever that girl's name is (cause I dont really care) soooooo tell me how many illegal plastic surgeries you had when you were 14, and how long it will take for that to ruin your looks? UH UH SHUSH LET ME GUESS! 589 and in 8 days.


youre missing avocado

Fun and Funny Nathan and natalee



Loooove it!!😍😍😍

Courtney Helm

Pajamas man make a baseball stereotypes


this is my dream

TroydanFan 1

Ok Really Tie I could save all of them beside the last one I bet 10000000000000$🏒🥅.

Ilein Villalobos

This is so beautiful I can’t even proud of you. You have grown so much, I love all your videos. Love you and I also love how you put in your friends.!

dj magladon

it is wowowow man

Ashley Reynolds

Those are insane

Randome things cats too

Crap!! Why promote crap to children. This is crap

Amanda Newton

They use clickbait


I subbed to see some basketball shotsnot to see your failing sketches


You forgot one in Wreck it Ralph it says lost dog bolt

Mr. Turtle

Knees weak arms are heavy

wolf empire

i love you cobe

Juan Luchas Molinegra :V

5:35 How terribad as a person you're now, miss 'OFFENDED'.

Lauren Natalini

My mom needs to see this

Artic Shock14

Heard it 10000 times

reyam alsarraf

My mom turned in to a monster when I missed 1 third of a question on a test

Karla Huerta

you are the best

Bryce Kemp

i have been listening to Zayde Wolf for a long time now and love how you guys incorporate the music in these vids!

Hojo Ma

You should have told both your parents for them to knock some shit into him....

Chase Locke

how do you find these?

1 ripped dolla

0:55 look like there kissing

Yola Audila Agma


Alpesh Patel

made cricket trick shot

The GameAddict

What are your favourite videogame & movie Easter eggs?

Max Pabich

U are an amazing person and you wake everyone up.


It will be crazy if Cristiano or de Gea is in there!


Porque youtube me recomienda esto en 2019?

Anita Kumari

Give garret his chance

Red Wyld

I'm team Coby


Bro. Excellent excellent excellent job with this. I love Easter eggs and this was so well put together. The music was awesome for it.keep them coming please.