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So here goes! The big reveal video. I quit my job and 25th Jan 2018 was my last working day. I quit my job to travel full time, and in this video you will find all the pros and cons and the thought process behind why anybody should do that. Now of course, this decision comes with it's own challenges. Catch me next time in Ep 2 of Full time travel, to know how I overcome them. :)Editing software, Premiere Pro CC 2018Social media -● Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Check out my gear on Kit: Business Enquiries: ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬MUSIC -THE HAPPY SONG by Nicolai Heidlas Music Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 promoted by Audio Library

Captain Brown Beard

The body is willing, but the mind has been weaken to a sponge from playing the DBZ story too many times.

bill eyelash


Hope Ellis



@BrodyLego me too

claude thompson

you are lucky jame

Wierd is Normal Here

Can I just point out how those rocks look suspiciously like the ones in Brave? 1:26


God damn it Karen.

AniGame Potato

Dang I haven’t been on my period yet but the thumbnail sounds painful


Baller Universe

Go to heinz field in pittsburgh and hangout with antonio brown

Hope Thurston

Love her! I would love to see Julia Roberts too lol!

Gavin Max Huerta

You should do football stereotypes

Kubi Pala

1:02 Cody’s dad is recording 😂😂😂

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Check-in, post photos and earn points. And why would i need that?

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Love you too ty

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The unearthed egg is probably​ what blew me up online explains the green residue after

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oh its okay :P

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Lol😄😄 awesome

Edit: best story on this channel and I am sorry for your family I wish everybody healthy life

That way, meat won't hurt you but benefit you instead.

Mr. Quill

Am I the only on who though “FBI OPEN UP!” when i saw the title.


russell j thurgood

A Christmas movie...



Haley G

“rObO?!?!! — Yes its a ROBOT vacuum..”

Herp Derp

"My dad says he has a plan" My first thought : "FUCKING VONDERHAAR!!"

Trebuh Nabruh

Guru! Don't talk in your movies. Text make it better, you can feel the atmosphere of the game. I think we just wanted to heard how you sounds like :) Ofc it's your channel and your movies but it's just my opinion. I will be waching you no maters what! :)

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lmao max payne XD

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Insta-like. Loved this game, love your vids too !



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Poor panda

She’s Jack’s carer. I thought that was obvious.

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watching yt

Princess nicee gaming

Same my granpa died at October 30, 2017 i cried at your moral cause i miss my granpa 😢

S 0 u n d G e n E r a t o r

you're the best at these easter eggs man you are accepted as a part of my life!!!

[Chorus: Polo G]

Toxicdoom 3

And there a cabin in woods


I love gun trick shots

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Habla español

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How is it 60fps?


Hey what is the song called in the part where the editors upload the video.

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I can feel my PC burning already

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The finest shitposting only on Guru's channel.. No wait, wrong video

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Obnoxious dribbler