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Isaiah Rashad - Sydney Jones (feat. Michael Da Vinci)Produced by: Mr. CarmackYear: 2014Album: XXL Freshmen 2014Follow Isaiah Rashad:Michael Da Vinci:Instagram: rights and credits goes to the artists. I do not own the songs. Buy their music and support them!FROAT - Finest Rap Of All TimeCheck my other channel 'FROAT Instrumentals':FROAT:Facebook: 1: Isaiah Rashad]Man coming from a city where the heater bangNooga shooter Ruger, kill your brother that's that local fameAlways gave a fuck so much my Dockers wasn't Dickies manGotta keep it pimping James stomped them out, 44 deep, over cookies soImagine what they do to niggas acting like some pussy manAustin daddy left him so abrupt now he hitting stainsType of shit, make me say prayers for all my playersI’m here for all your fears you sell, I gotta scaleIt’s real, riding, riding with my brother and his LincolnGot me thinking of get rich schemes for all my peopleAnd maybe I should talk to my daddy, good karmaBut fuck it I’m still stuck in these pantiesTake relations for granted ‘stead of lowering standardsI did blow I didn’t plan it I’m understanding these addictsCan you manage your habit? can you honestly practice?All that shit that you preaching? always misplacing my glassesBut always peeping the evil like, I see it clear nowLike back in high school you’re the one that’s acting weird nowHad a baby in the 9th grade, shes old enough to cheer nowYou see us getting money put that motherfuckin’ beer downWe’re here now[Break: Isaiah Rashad]We here now mothafuckaI think we need some motivationWe’re here now mothafuckaGive me that Sydney Jones pussyI think we need some motivation[Verse 2: Michael Da Vinci]Many nights I shot ball 'til lightsCut off on flight so probably fell my lifeMy momma was probably right I fill shoes to heightThat Kobe could fit ‘em tight these niggas here is lightTo get ahead they living like parasites and miceAnd pussy will make them fight, I’m be sippin' this fucking spriteFor fillers I couldn’t write my big homie had diedFor niggas who living lies he’s six feet from lifeI hope heaven treating him nice, why good die in spite?When Sydney Jones get piped, she young, black, and trifeMy light skin advice, she keep me hooked like PhifeMy electric relaxation, her thighs give me escapismWith music make me anxious, nigga be all tastelessSometimes I feel like hatred will kill me if I do make itThree stacks vacations, secluded living locationsIllest amount of payments to bank accounts that I’m makingSeasons changing for us and we adding a couple facesThese niggas get funny so Benjamin keep me racingEverybody a actor wanna be the leading facesSo get your acting right the directors giving our placements[Outro: Michael Da Vinci and Isaiah Rashad]My niggas die for it, she got that pussy juiceI could lie for it, that pussy the truthYou got some time boy, then get some pussy tooI’m the nigga baby, what that pussy doMy niggas die for it, she got that pussy juiceI could lie for it, that pussy the truthYou got some time boy, go get some pussy too(Give me that Sydney Jones pussyI think them niggas need some motivation)


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