I Spent $500 Giving Away Food to People in Slums | New Delhi, India 🇮🇳 - YouTube

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Majula.R & Vicky

Cody's pet name should tally

me: :no:

Valeria Perez

Annie’s the GOAT

Kaust Shroff

Ghee is so freaking delicious! Instead of using butter to make grill cheese, try Ghee next time.

Friends friends

Lil Capri

it go halle berry, or _______

pro squad pro

40 M likes revel pandas face please

Phinny Farr

This game is going to change the pokemon games in an amazing way

One time I was at my Grandma's, and she was cooking my food, and I was just playing with her dog. She went to put my plate in the microwave, by this time I was at the table and my Grandpa was talking to her. Before she put it in, she took a little piece of meat off my plate, and at ate it. When she bent over. I thought she was just sneezing , but then she said, "I'm choking!" And she ran to her glass of water. And she started coughing the water up! I hopped off the chair and backed to the hallway. My Grandpa was staying very calm, and his voice wasn't even raised are scared. I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open. (most of time happens before panic attack) When I felt it hit me! The first thing I notice when I have these things, is a sudden jolt of many scared thoughts at the same time, followed by mild stomach pain, and then....... I started jumping up and down screaming. And I saw my Grandpa putting his hand up, telling me to calm down. My Grandma walked away from him and ran into the bathroom. I was still screaming and my Grandpa just was standing there looking shocked. I ran to the bathroom and my Grandma was walking out. I yelled "ARE YOU OK?!" With panic in my voice. And she said "Yes! Fool!" And then I went back to normal. We were all just so happy she was ok, and she told me and my Grandpa "Guess I'll have to drink all my food now." And she laughed.

The Other Jason

Two words: Rupe Goldberg

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5:25 that teddy is creepy


no sympathey for the devil

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Hey person who made this your trash and i hate you

Emily Haggstrom

Love it, and so true!!

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Why is every video about stupid depression and anxiety no one cares you have depression.

I swear I seen my dad have Asian flush

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Does anyone know where I (Someone who's not from the US) can watch the enitre show?

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DK 964


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Those Reddit virgins are gonna have a field day turning this into a meme

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Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales [Tokyo Mater (2003) Universal Pictures]


What is the song name

Jasper Fox - FoxGamer39618

R.I.P Big Black.


In the quake Easter egg, before the path was clear there was the quake logo on the wall look carefully near the stairs

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I remember playing a demo of this, that I got from Pizza Hut.


nice video this week, keep it up 👍

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11:53 Pfft XD


Happy Holidays Guru <3

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Next you should go to Iowa

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I Texas Roadhouse ribeye but I don’t like outback

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Woah did the pokemon want to be in human world

Also, nice video as usual ;-)


Hey Guru,