Is There a Global War Coming? | George Friedman at Brain Bar - YouTube

George Friedman, founder of Geopolitical Futures explains how war is closer to our lives than we think. Is our sense of security false? Are we really the craftsmen of our futures?SUBSCRIBE for more brainy bits: Brain Bar, the biggest European festival on the future brings together the world’s most exciting visions. Lively, ambitious and unique, Brain Bar creates the stage for top trendsetters, decision-makers and challengers to exchange ideas in unusual and unrestrained conversation.Follow us:Official website:

Abul Hasnat

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Violet Gabriella

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Sylvia Dohnert

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Thomas Bower

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HyperKaden Gaming

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Albin Gustafsson



What's next? Egg trickshots?


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Vera Jade Skelton

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Grim Bonkers

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Adriana Aguilar

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Matthew4539 Carlton

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Duncan Henderson

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Funky pg3d

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Greek Hound

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jack lajoie

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Nati l

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Ninjas Son

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Gabriel Torres

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Jeebus H. Christopher

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popcorn blast

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Ava Burrell

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Once again, amazing vid

Lisa Dahl

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Cracker Ass

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Janelle Gantef

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MasonPlair Gaming

nic vid! you dont upload often but when you do the videos are awesome! i would much rather have this than not great videos every week