It's Time to Stop TechRax

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Sonikku babyblue

You should never blame your self you didn't know what was going on, u were just a kid

Apollo Yao

So you put easter eggs in your easter eggs videos.YO DAWG

Doodle Noodle Baboodle

Why did they censor bullied

I'm in my mid 50's dealing with minor aches and pain, saying to myself while observing you young folks: Man like Walkman!


Alexander M

How did dan take all of this

Abbas Alamy

I chose DE Mexico

Deshaun Kaiser

oh last QnA ok


Buys a catwalk, flips hair

Jeffrey Vauxhall

Bravo Six going dark

AndrewPlayz 69

Is it weird that Tyler never gets picked for wheel UNfortunate hmmm..

Yoshi Vongsy

I just realized I will never have a gf

I don't think that I'll ever come down

Jayla Clydesdale

It was so checkers like this if you knew that right away

Jaime Darder Garcia

It’s incredible, Sharks in beaches. Like if you think is incredible.

Joshua the rain man

2:13 jojo reference

Jim Ahern

Johnny blew it all away

Shelton Kreis

I love he is eating pizza

Cara Troutman

the next team consequence should be: losers have to be the editors of the next video and also get replaced by Chad and Tim in that same video!