Italian & Turkish Wedding | Selcan & Manuel, 21.06.2014

Italian & Turkish Wedding | Highlights of the wedding

Jayden Winter

Dude perfect do more of helping others please we love seeing you do all your trickshots , but there's alot of others that are less fortunate that need men of God such as the ones you say you are which I do believe. You've brought so much love and possibilities with the songs you guys play and the messages you deliver.. God bless you all, I know this comment will probably not be seen cause this was so long ago..but still.. if I had money , big company, a huge warehouse with endorsements and sponsors..I'd actually go to the places that need dire help and give it to them first hand, not through corporations cause they take most of it away for themselves... To the twins of dude perfect, you guys are angels you really are.

Shelby Van Schaick

If this video doesn't get 11 million views, I'll be upset.



røse cat

alright who let my man baldi out of the school

Sebastian Martinez

Omg so sorry I want to cry so so so so sorry

Big Bad Beto

Film with Jimmy Goroppolo

catlen catic

I can't find part 3

Bryan Zheng

when is the next episode

Gazza Ryandika

is there any easter eggs in this video?

brett sawyer

same as Stephen Curry

Andres Cortez

Arcade game shot he missed

CJ Gibson

Atlanta Braves

Horror Piano

School Is Not For Humans

•Bazinga_ •

John Doe?


There's a girl that has that in my class. People tell me that she acts "nasty, mean, sometimes nice, attention seeker" Because of her family. She often lies tattles acts childish and curses at the teachers and students just to start drama or she will be way to extra. Once she stole my pen and I asked for it back and she started smiling looked around and screamed "IT'S MINE YOU AIN'T GONNA DO NOTHING" then her friends started trying to give back the pens and she just started smiling acting like it was a joke and then after I got my pen back and people ignored her she started getting mad and saying "YOUR EMOTIONAL" I was honestly confused. The teachers tell me to not pay attention and that she has mental problems bcs of her family.

A Trash Can

That’s me and BTS

Caydenjon Huber

This is for realFor as many likes as I get on this comment I will donate it to the Florida school shooting I am done with this shooting crap

Colten Vanderzwaag

A nerf battle

Jaxyn Brook


Galen Svensk

A sponsor I can agree with


yeah just the end of the world

Joel Madrid

hold 3 and it would look and sound like the ball is killing them

Nate Pizarro



@shawnchon117 yo and this is coming from a kid who porns in a dick wowwww


Lol!!!Who though of that???

Abraham Sragowicz


Sometimesiworry Reallyido

Gym stereotypes 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

Indiana Jones vs Bear Grylls

Jack Ligman


Kay Eh


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wyatt Leavitt


he he

Ashnie You guys r such a cute couple

meme - kun

The only symptom 14 year olds have is


Saquon Barkley ple


Much dog

lachlan 5063


99 fLayM0.

تلحس اجري

Kurogaea Monari

If you shot the pod rapidly it'll start to count down and say, "Faill-Deadly system activated." The fail deadly system apparently is a nuclear-control system used by the Soviet Union. Check wiki for more info, but this also makes me think there just might be another ending if I have a nuke when I make her activate it....

Kshitij Rathore


We are brave yet scared to easy.

Fry Guy

5:29 ??