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Vincent B.

love from Belgium !!!!

The Multiman 3000

Idk but she probably has some boring job in the office #YIAYjob

Lil Ru

Did anyone notice Patrick star when they were at where j ol was rehearsing

William MGmusic

omg rape!

Patience Blue

I remember one day, my lil’ bro was 6 and I was 8, I saw some kids, they looked 7 picking on him, they did this a lot so I went over to help my lil’ bro but by the time I got there one was on the floor crying like a baby holding is dick, one had a blood nose and one was running away for dear life! (there were three of them btw) my lil’ bro is a BOSS!

Jimins pillow Case

This has come out before . Why did u repost it?

Fahmida Akter

Wow 😍😋

hond nl

Gevecht is netherlands and that is fight but i no that because im life in netherland

There must be a way you got Cancer

İlimdar Taha Güleç

1000 likes? you deserve more dude.


Song @ 2:35

Thomas g

Magnesium even burns underwater it's used in underwater flares

I'm happy with your life I wish you the best and good health. I hope those people bullied you have'd changed and regret it.

Tony Blaze

I now have an erge to sit in a corner of a gym and eat a pickle

Bonnie Aprillollipop #TRIGGERED

Betterhelp is a scam but like

Talha Siddique

Whose watching in 2018?

Eagle Times

3:53 you can see TY in the background XD.Also, I love pandas dance 🐼

hemicy lim try get 100 sub woth no views



please make some easter eggs from ghiblis movies


a 27 mil fans de BTScaca


The mountain that the old man of the mountain was on in new hampshire