Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx sing Cardi B, talk about taking food and floral arrangements home from the Oscars, and more in this Grey Goose production. #ad #OffScript Subscribe to Thrillist out our website for more food, drink, travel, and on Facebookus on Instagramup for our newsletter

Bob Bon

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Aw you beat me to it.


At 3:33 that ball sounded like it went FAR like really FAR!!!!!!!!


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Reza B

That's suprising me to see a game referenced Wotagei XD . That's not spesifically referenced to World Order, but to some idol group fans in Japan to do that dance with their lightstick.

sparkle ocean

Hi first comment

Josh Alexander

High to low and low to high both of them

chrissy hoover

omg I loooovveee these videos, please make more but I’ve been waiting for one and you will get a ton of clips from the movie called Mrs.Doughtfire, omg it is sooo good and has really good asmr clips



Gentlemem, we have come full circle.


ngl I yelped when I saw T Hiddles

Abelardo Beltran

Very very very tragic 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Said Adan

wild waves

Girijamba Girijamba

Let me see a video of fails

Eric Jones

Where was Michael Phelps

Telor_ Ceplok

Yes....This Is Subtitle Indonesian!!

A Taste of Aloha

I love that you experienced my home! Thank you for showcasing local talent! I love you guys <3

Main Stream Gaming

play the whole video in reverse

Nathan Handy

Do a land face reveal

Peyton11 Rivers

The ZaydeWølf song goes really well with the video


idk but that game review is cool. do more ok

C o m p l a i n t s

I don’t care if I die. If I die this moment, sure people will miss me, but I’ve had many times where I almost died and I’m not traumatized or anything.


any one noticed that gta 5 is made up of all of those games like max paynes combat, la midnight clubs driving, red deads strangers, random events and dead eye which is Michael ability and also la midnight club has a special ability that franklin has just poining that out

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Neela Parmar

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zRex -

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Troy P

Someone post the lyrics


Haha, that Loot Midget Easter Egg is my favourite!

Trip Hilliard

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Ariane Denise

You think they just go on display huh? Instead of what you had on display before.Girl you know what your doing, you do it to yourself.


6:38 guy tossing the previous ball to the full yellow ball bag with 20+ balls in there. These guys are dedicated. Probably took them awhile to hit that shot!


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Nice, more videos will be uploaded on P-hub

howard parkes

Starting the video off with just a kick in the gut! I love mgs and that was such a hard hitter like my eyes actually watered up

Fräulein Minka

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Why was it in Thai?

Miller Wu


Shubham Salve

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Salma and Teha Faisal

I thought you wrote the rapist instead of therapist

Ty Ice Blaze

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Randy Hyer

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Triple Threat

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Ryenn Watson

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Meah Desaussure

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You can't just write it on paper. Picture this: