Jay Worthy, Mitchy Slick - Cortez - YouTube

Music video by Jay Worthy, Mitchy Slick performing Cortez. 2018 Fresh In The Flesh / Wrongkind Records


It must took a lot of time to spot these Easter eggs

Jiggly Mochi

Sweet red head boy

The Preynolds

No one ever said the warriors are better without kd the discussion has been does steph curry play better without kd

The 3pic Losers :v

Hola me llamo el papu

ღ꧁ Hybrid_Chan ꧂ღ

I wish I could have a teacher like his teacher that was nice and understanding 😢


I think very hard challange was with Garret's son)

maryah mohammed

Guys who votted ateez pn idol champ give a like that we can count

Emzee Three


Julien Lapeyrolerie

X men are awesome if you agree like if you don’t agree like to

Gustav Lindkvist

It was hallå on The Wall hallå in USA is hello

KillMe pls

I pointed at a foreigner who was wearing socks up to his knees and he looked at me while I was pointing at him.LOL

Bottle flip 23

Ty is the best

dani edits .

that song already sounds so good oh my god


10:51 watch

Your mum Gay

Sound cannot travel though space because the soundwaves cannot travel without air molecules.


That thing at 2:05...i think thats a word just with the contrast way out of wack...if someone adjusts that....maybe...i dont know though...

Mcryan26 Gg

Tchoukball should be nice!!

A Homo sapian



You should do this with Lars Anderson

Toni Caffierro

I don't want that Future! !!!!

skyrim like minecraft, (notchs pickaxe in skyrim)

Tyler Murkot

this the funniest thing you've ever hered are you ready. (hi)

Owen Sowers

It is not the end of the Duke Dilemma.

Ghuri Slamenor

these have been copied from another video..

Tina Giron

Do more of this!

At home:avocure

Jazzmyn Berrelles

I want some soooooo bad but I'm just a kid I dont got money

xXAshley EditsXx

I'm 9 and I get mostly all the jokes is that wronge



Hayden Humphery

Who is the pander

30p energy drink

Did anyone watch this movie in school about 20 times or was it just me

wofly Script

4:22 that face doe lol

peter's backpack

Thank you for making this

Dorka Fejes

Please react to Meryl Streep's best moments for her 70th birthday on the 22nd of June😍👏🏼


I live in NY and I did not experienced any panic created by this terrible incident, media should wait for results of the investigation before creating panic in the city.


I couldn't imagine this happening to me wow 😔

meh ok why not

#YIAYjob ur mom


Btw there is another one that i didnt see in the video, i think it is at night time in prague, (SPOILER) the mission with the dead Journalist, in the politicians basement the guard will go on Soloto portable gaming device and play a Deus Ex game on it, no gameplay or anything but it will say on it Deus Ex, i think it was Human Revolution, also the part in Vincent Blacks office doesnt look anything like the WatchDogs Attire :/


They are ... AWSOME!!!

So we had gym this was when I was in 5th grade I think? Anyways, we were playing soccer and in this game We had teams and we had to hit the goal and when it was almost about to be my turn, my palms were sweating, my heart was beating so fast, I could Heavily breath, I was thinking of what could go wrong and if I’ll embarrass myself. I just thought I was nervous but really i dont know 😕.

Van Smith

And this is why you don’t play Fortnite kiddos

Jordan Meafou

I'm so fancy

Kristarae Barton

You had me crying what a great story I hope one day you will conceive a little girl and Hope he or she is healthy

sahar karami

omg I love this vedio I watched it like 6 times

beena n

France would win😂😂😂😂😂




Dat Gaben

Ekrem Emin

I shower once a week and I'm good with everything.

Iloooveee Justinbibermähhnnn

Senin amk


Who thinks all theses videos are clickbait? Well I don’t think 🤔 there clickbait ing

Tahmeed Mazumder

is this a true story?

ImTHATGuy 500