J. Cole / J.I.D / Kendrick Lamar / Isaiah Rashad Type Beat 2019 "BACK 2 SELF" [Prod. By D'Artizt]

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James the JAM

Elsa tried to walk on water. But there is only one who can walk on water so she got punished


Wow this reminds me so much of black mirror

huong tran thanh

i thought the castle collapsed


the highest amount of records hit in a single day

Goku Veguetta

yes Dude perfect

Mr Irrelevant

Wow asshole take a chill pill

In Fortnite.

Programmed Persona

"Who wants TOAST?!" XD

Angelo Kohler

yet again an awesome video


Why are you not showing your face in your Q&A's  ?

Strongest Avenger

I swear, if Captain America isn’t playable, I’m going to cry

Garrett Boehme

Yes electric creeper

Damond Smith

this is julian i love panda


2nd mirrors edge easter egg the 1 above is her friend i think

Buzz_memeyear !

that was so sweet =)

Pawel Bartusiak

Take #7389163716

Dominik Troxell

Why weren't some sharks not moving when pulled out of the waterWERE THEY DEAD OR SOMETHING!??!?

I’m definitely not a Cuber

I got your merch it’s soooo comfortable

Elle R

Y is his name always Allen in movies

BlaZe Ember

The sneaky bounce shot

Dawid 7899

I never knew that Gatorade made dunk tanks

Dallas Luttes

It should be Max


lol f*cked my bully

Chloe oneill

My cousin was being tricked and almost got this

Егор Жданов


Debbie Dempsey

speaking of ratings i rate this video a 40/100 i hate the cowboys im a giants fan

and what about it?

why do you think "im gonna ignore my mom for 7 years" unless my mom told me that i shouldnt be gay i may ignore her for like 5 months but no matter what your mom does unless she tries to kill you she loves you...i think this whole channel is just stupid and bogus and bullshit


Team coby all the way

Lindsay Hillier

Awesome Cory Awesome Cory

~ Tass

DODO COCHE دودو كوش

Hello my dear friends I have recorded a song by phone and I would be very happy if you listened to it

migz delgado

But after days,the world gonna know my name😊


Christopher Barba

Are there new composers for the music in Infinite? My god it's good. Miles better than H4 and H5.


What annoys me is when I am obviously listening to music with headphones on

Ivan El Gallo

We read her story in class

Kevin Skaggs

So is it a true next-gen console, or just a similar Xbox One project Scorpio with different components?


I was born early😱😱😱😱😱😱🏥

Timothy Scott

Love you

Ruka Smythe


I thought it was a story of you but it was a story of goku and other superhero's

Ros Anita

The bounty hunter suitable forbombing. Anyway garrett's rocket are lit

Lilia Fadillah

Why Jack in this story couldnt be like Jack in the Titanic movie? I keep asking myself..ngaah

LightTim AR

Any 2012

Jayshree Ghosh

Bitch your papa stole you from your bio mom

james collins

This sounds crazy next topic

Mallika Arora