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Ain't Your Mama available on: iTunes: Spotify: Amazon mp3: Apple Music: Google Play: 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment#JenniferLopez #AintYourMama #Vevo

Tuchu Cha

Go to thailand and do this there lots of money on the ground


Your new theme song should be: tall guy,beard,twins,purple hoser dp going Overtime coby always wins Cory is always the loser dp going Overtime Ned always loves to torture dp going Overtime, DP going Overtime for the ninth time

Leroy Seelisch

Hockey Not icehockey

Molonga Tron

I had a bad father up until I was 8, i had ptsd up until i was like 13, my ptsd was different, i had severe anger issues and I hated myself and I would hurt myself. I stabbed a kid with a pencil in first grade, when i was 8 or younger, i tried to be a "man" and i would carry a pocketknife around, and i grew up hella fast, and i was super tough, i got glass in my foot when I was 8 and picked it out myself and didn't even cry.


How come there are no pasta brands that have the #SendNoods ?


Lol I'm the one who made the 100 sub but that was long time ago

Cry 😢

Ryan D.

This is so old.....

Claudia Armah

The tilte sounds that the guy has cheated on her some chick or consistently assaulting her.

Shantell Pugh

I want to shot like you

Logan Russell

you'll shoot your eye out is off of a Christmas Story

Twin Team Gamers

Asian Flush lol

Epic Boy

No cars were harmed in the making of the video🙄

David Borcea

Best sports company

YiBing Shi

Team Cory


I have a feeling theres an easter egg INSIDE THE EASTER EGG VIDEO.

God bless you for what you endure. Keep going strong 💜

Legolas Greenleaf

Why is Tyler always the Rage Monster?

marcbrylle sacil

hahahahahahaha cant stop laughing cory looks like an alien

Lucky Nading


Riley Roberson

do a pillow fight ona bed

Mariah Deland

Billy bob joe

Alya Gemstone


TechGaming 0xd

Me rage monster

Also: A girl is touching me, she's pulling at my clothes

Sierra Kuehner

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Richard Moody

Isn’t she broke?

Tiger 12360

0:50 Hehe, I’m in danger

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