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Paying an ultimate price for literacy and reaping its fruits in abundance is the goal and achievements of every parents and young individuals but when bad company corrupts good manners the effects attached to it is inevitable. An eye-opener that preaches the aftermath to the consequences of bad company and efforts of the government to curb their excesses in our modern day institutions.Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook : @apatatv

kksjs boiii

Parents: You're going to have the best gift ever...


This should be called My Top 10 Video Game Chainsaws

C Fishing

I’m mr mood swings

Spixx палка (YT)

5:34 "Your finally awake..."

Sofia Alissavakis

Never reveal everything to someone


This looks like complete garbage.. Siege with Zombies? No thanks ill pass.

hit circle

I thought this was an office love episode when I saw the title 😂

Ethan Haemer

This seems pretty right-wing christian. It's okay to be gay, and saying to save someone from being gay is pretty homophobic.

ls 07

Faite du parcours yamakasi

Victoria Sizemore

yes e will

Well I don't flirt with all guys but


Yes, i said "You mad fanboy". Do you know why ? because i know a lot of micro$oft fanboys that say that their console is better. This makes me pissed of because they all know that the exclusives for ps3 are better (at least ratchet and clank, uncharted and The last of us are better than Halo :/ ) and the on-line mutiplayer is FREE. so i just like to defend the playstation because, yes, i am a fanboy... but i disagree with the micro$oft (money whores) fanboys... Nothing wrong with PC...

Infinity Runner

Do you have to have copyright on these videos

Landen Montallegro

Remember when Johnny Manziel was good

Toby Peterson

I just don’t want to do what coby did


I have so many more theories about portal 2 now. 

Eliza Tovar

Aww you guys that’s you’re baby ! Like you guys created that what !! Crazy 😩😍✨🙏🏼🙏🏼👶🏻 so blessed

jess hensler


real dreams videos guys

A dime


Why panda though

Miniscuatch Gaming


Crystal Jimenez

6:49 WOAH!!!😂

I don't think these are yours, but in the game At 7:59 there are a few more Easter Eggs. The mannequins are dressed up like Indiana Jones, Magneto?, Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat), Donatello (TMNT), Raiden (Mortal Kombat). Also the other guy in the shot looks like Mickey, the trainer from Rocky.

Sasha German

Почему я это смотрю в 2к19?

Mr. Manshore

How can a Mother Fucker thumbs down This? Sucker ass Haters just Don't stop. They cut from the same cloth as the sucker who killed Nip💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Andrew Jenkins


Ut Oeup

Ooooo Annie is YOU GIRL FRIEND

Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam

I just want to say, i love your videos and a part of me would die if you stopped. I love what you do, and remember we as fans will always be behind you!

JulieG Vlogs

When u miss the tonies

Lemon Boy

“What are some of the unnecessary noises you make?”

kru 、


Julian Chian

2:45 i thought he was gonna go rage monster

Adam Bien

but you read what he said it was a sorry easter egg since they sued mojang.

Alex Madic

all of of this video's watchers are GTA V fans, so shut up !

Eli Breindel

7:56 Ty’s defeated face

Tikki The kwami ;3

Well the good side of your weight means u can crush people who made fun of you


Can it be cured though? I don't know if I have GAD and Panic Disorder. All I know is that I'm always nervous, have OCD, can't maintain eye contact, gets flustered easily and my face reddens, I always rehearsed to what I would say to other people even to my parents and brother. I can't focus in class and I gets fidgety all the time. I'm always tired, hates being in a quiet place (except for studying, but can't still focus when there's people around me). I can't even eat properly when I'm in public or at home with my family.

super puggy gamer

press X to doubt

Enmatu2407 A

Why tf are all the comments about if somebody is watching in 2018..

DestroyerLucas1 Gaming

3:04 - 3:36 when you lose second place in Fortnite and you had a legendary scar and the guy who killed you had an uncommon pistol.

anit suga

MY QUEENS💓💓💘😻❤️😻💘🔥🔥🔥

Shreevidya Narahari

With juventus

Battlegrounds 101


John Cena

and wo is the girl ofn that tower?

Elena Baalbaki

I feel like people these days take relationships in a wrong direction and they don't understand that sleeping together is something awful and completely wrong before marriage and they think its the only way they can keep their relationship last longer witch is also wrong cause a true relationship and true love doesn't need all those stuff all it needs is understanding and support from both partners and some people might say age does not matter in love but it does especially if a teenager is dating an adult man these kinds of relationships could be very dangerous and unhealthy since teenagers at that age and especially girls could easily be tricked by disgusting men that would only use and destroy them both mentally and physically and in my opinion all teenagers should just wait for everything and don't feel the need to be in rush to be in a relationship or anything teens at that age are still young and they don't need a partner to be happy all they need at that age is friends and family love and support