Jobs for Nomads Part 1: Live For Present Not Future - YouTube

Can you afford to become a nomad and live full-time or part-time in a car, van or RV? Yes, you can!! In this series of videos, we show you how you can earn the money to do live as wild and free as possible in such an unfree world. Today, we want to find the balance of living happily in the moment, but also planning for your financial future--you can do it!

Jayden Ackerman

How many dogs are they putting in Pokemon?




You put more effort into a Fallout 76 video than Bethesda put into their actual game.


2012-2018 wow

I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me

ᗪΔᐯIᗪ L89

02:05 "Apurate Cabrón!" XD

miss jeon kookie

Cause of my euphoria, my JEON JUNGKOOKIE love uuuuuuuu


Why is Cory in the House in this video 😂😂

Michael Baker

AAAAAND earth is screwed i came

Tanish Mamidwar

Compared to other dude perfect videos this was the most boring video. Like seriously.

Дмитрий Баженов

Че они там базарят

An Ethiopian Village

Hey Guru, during the first episode when you're running through those backyards with Khai, right before you hope over a fence or something, theres a blue doghouse to your left. If you look inside it there's a pyramid made of sticks. I think this is a reference to the tv show True Detective being the it's the murderers signature. You should check it out!

sharpshooter 69

Anyone 2019??

Fsyyy Ftyyui

Hey Tyler why you play board game when your bored

Antonio Mendes

No Gameplay. No Hype.



oh yeah yeah

oh yeah yeah


Ummmmm.. U know Elon Musk started PayPal...?


I love these video so much! Easy to understand!!

Derrick Barcus

College kids react to meaningless things that’s doesn’t matter


Is it me or did panda stick his middle finger up at 5:22

Villain Kid Of Malefiecent

I don't have any courage...Im sorry

Electro Fan

Time to immigrate!

Deleted account

Do these kinds of things really happen??


ᴘɪɴᴋ ᴄʜɪᴍᴍʏ 基民

Ahh it’s already 2M views, keep streaming guys❤️✨

goldy diamond

Rip car


I am the hot sand l Cuz it always happens

Double A’s

I was born 3 months early my b-day is in February and it was supposed to be in may

Parker Smith

Im the phone guy and noob😂😂


Here before 1m

jacob gomez

it’s wack should do 10 hp per secound

please sub :(

Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress

Nope!!! You better rebuke that thang. She is lying!!! Man that's sad how people go through that.


Trust no one, everyone is a snake in disguise.

All time favorite.

Raul Lopez

Where is part three


Dad perfect