13 Year Old Girl Raps to Drake - 0 To 100

M.D.MEnt. PRESENTS-Diamond Barmer A.k.a (Deetranada)13 year Old Female Rapper out Of Baltimore , MD. This 13 year old has the skills, style , and lyrics to become something special. Her first video and many more to come!! look for her to take over your radios soon !! Look familiar Video ! me Introduce myself Video by Brianstream Media- Michael Smith For more music - Contact/Booking platinum.mdm@gmail.comTwitter @iam_mdm

Corrie Pike

How r they even good at croquette


Time for a retirement, goodluck master builder

Big Boy

Film with Zach Ertz


lyaman gasimova

You are awesome, Jaiden!

Kate Stevenson

2019 anyone

despacito bryan

Directed by the one and only....Michael Bay!


I can’t help but say that the girl in the thumbnail looks like that fortnite default skin.

This is a terrible story and something much more serious than a comment of worsening grades and showing an ironic A-

Swetlana Anand


Ngc 8

anybody else see the wood In the pit burning in ragemonster??

Luna UwO

me too


RIP the old guy.Legend.


2018 Anyone?!

- She's fine with either outcome

Mark Y

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Wyatt Hardin

nashville predators

US Government:Gtfo now! Dis da mofacking polis get out

Ben B

The saving private Ryan reference was also in cod4 modern warfare you even get an achievement for it

Jocabel Gonzalez



I’m team coby for life

Reeciee Productions

I have autism too! I can relate completely!


I like both places