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Yarack Obama

This really brings back feelings

Justin Elliot

the gnomes will kill you in your sleep

Vivid Void

This is a really stupid thing to say but is the opening trick shot really a “trick shot “ but good video though

diba moca

Kittens will sell anything!

Edward Alex Carey

the stan lee of disney

Emily Singleton


Homested Mechanic

Did you ever hear the one about Kobe and JackAnyway it's really cheesy


I was going to watch porn but then a new vid by FunWithGuru showed up

JA Najlepszy

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway

Mattylinn Parrott

You guys should go to Idaho!!!

Sugandha Deene

I am big fan of Coby and Cory I love their tricks and shots

The Black Panther



30 hours!!!!!!! :)

dragonball slayer326

I just got a Xbox one x stop making me broke Microsoft!!


Soooo pigmented! 😍❤️

Mr Phil

No One:


I can actually relate to this a lot! Although it wasn’t irl it was on the internet. But having your “friends” turn on you isn’t fun! In Kalos' coast did fight, manly.

NomNom Fish Plz

Being skinny is soooo out of style nowadays. Nowadays it’s all about being T H I C C. No THAT DOES NOT MEAN TO GO GET OBESITY.

Kill a Kid


Noiel Benedict

With Juventus


shes perfect

mauri N

Gay is not okay

Dyah Ayu Puspita Sari

Ty, you are so cool😍😍😍


Now I know why I lost self esteem... does this mean I will fail as a adult? I’ve always wanted to be a hockey player from a young age but my dad always reminds me that hockey is not a job and it’s especially not because I’m a girl. That’s only one example, I can relate to all of the bad things that were named in this video.

Reetu Jain

What about cricket

Renegade Bond

I don’t think the “stay back 200 feet” was a reference. Loved the video either way.

fahaam ayaan

Anyone in 2025

Tommy Marco

The big bunny from sr2 isn't so big anymore...

Luke Natelborg

How has Cody never seen the Christmas story!?

Fiammetta Mishal

It's A Relief That Not All Guys Are Like This!

Leslie Armentrout

My name is coby

Tempo - Agario

Who else is Thai?

Then they died


The symptoms of BPD given here are very similar to the symptoms of CPTSD, which I think is a far more legitimate classification than BPD. I hear that often, people with CPTSD are improperly diagnosed as having BPD, probably because CPTSD is a much newer concept in psychiatry. This doesn't mean that every case of BPD should be reclassified, but it does show that we should be noting the effects of long-term exposure to abuse and other traumatizing events as being very different from the effects usually seen after a person is severely traumatized by a single event.


The name of this should be childhood feels.

ผมมันคน เทา เทา


Austin Saunders

What about my stereotype the treadmill dancer

Not to mention set a restraining order

izzop 29

5:03 garet hahaha

Marla Mapote

I would love to see him on the Rams

The Aunt Abused Them

Janita Kanu

Anxiety = caring too much,