KEVIN GATES - Before They Were Famous - TIME FOR THAT

Kevin Gates Before They Were Famous UPDATED. Kevin Gates went from Baton Rouge drug dealer to world wide rap star following an almost 3 year long incarceration. Find out about his come up story and personal life in this video:*** NEW CHANNEL *** Before They Were Fiction:Similar Videos You Might Like **** YOUNG THUG - Before They Were Famous - UPDATED:SAVAGE - Before They Were Famous:MANE - AFTER They Were Famous:MEDIA LINKS:YOUTUBE:Matt @ Question TimeKeval Prajapati


Visual Wraith

Candice was really beautiful😍😍

Wow Oof

4:16 is the most tingling feeling in my opinion

Severiano Arechiga

This got to me

Tara Klick

Who wants more games with consequences

King Turnbull

Her: Im pregnantMe: Imma go get a carton of milk 3:07


I'm eating ice cream while watching this

Demoknight 69

lol nice ending

Hossainul Islam

wheres coby :( i want him to join racing


You live in Dallas?

Clint Joseph

Uguys are cool😎😎😎😎😎

Eeshwar shivam

You dude perfect ! ....PERFECT DUDE

Vishal Sharma

flip n dip

ur not fat, ur just curvy

Karl Westerlund

Ganesh Jachak

Very nice

Kami Killa

Avatar The Last Airbender Remix 👌🏿


I have OCD and it causes me to keep thinking about how the world would look like after thousands of years and also cant stop picking my nails

『Jva』zaky Gaming

Ap cuma gue orang Indonesia

Alan Rosales

That’s on my birthday

Stacey’s Diary

Y didn’t she stop smoking


How was he coach in zombie army? Is it a mod or can I do it on my Xbox one?

Danny Piette

whiteys laugh ate 8:24

Mr. Awesome

Girl: I’m the only healthy one in my family Life

Hunter Ludovicy

Do a parents stereotypes edition. That would be hilarious.

*wears pink shirt and dresses like a MAN!


Straight Outta Cochrane


Kidd Tatum

forgot myrtule

Sridevi Santhosh


Catherine Coop

these guys are actual fuckwits

Deny Hardy

Here we are hating school

Merp Derp

Schools in Albany Oregon don’t really have this problem so........ yeah


The Stillazi gel liners are BOMB.

Juicy Grandpa

I legit used to have OCD. It’s not like extreme cases, but I kept on pushing on shit and having to do stuff repetitively

Elevator Elliot

18 bounces when it landed in the cup


Okay that last one freaked me out

Grant Walton

First person to be named Chandler wins 20K

Benjamin Gregory



Bunnylegitswag XD