Kida the Great | FRONTROW | World of Dance Orange County 2019 | #WODOC19

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i remember reading that scene from romeo and juliet. deep stuff.

The Great Whaleshark

Theodd1sout i made a animation about you with the remix play I know you won’t read it but at least I tried

Vlc 113

I though he will asked her to be his girlfriend or something

Zulfakar Zuhdi Fadly Bahktiar

My one word : oh yeah..more

Jonas DelosSantos


I helped my best friend cheat without knowing

Huma Usman

i'm still waiting for Cody's woo tho

Pablo ruiz

my siter popo her pants and she 19

Jack Pope

Round 1:fancy




Guys i spent a long time on this video. If we could get this to 100 Likes it would mean alot. Thaks.


On 3:50 I was laughing like hell


FINALLY , hi from Venezuela


Chung Hsi Ho

Sooooooo did they actually break the window???

Jhonred Pascual


ino yamanaka اينو ياماناكا

Me: mom dad have a girlfriend

Eric Cartman

#30 on trending street

Rebecca Ronaye

Open relationships are just ew..

me: hey do you think i can throw this book in the bucket

kiernan mccleerey

Thanks for this awesome vid

X- X6Bleed6Out6X -X

I just reported them for aimbot, they’ll be banned soon

Jesse Gross

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The Ultimate Lord

Min7 strânge shit

Carolyn Francis

Is it bad I was fist pumping throughout the entire video because of the music?

Mini Captain Foxy

Wow I'm a hybrid


Wiem dis garret join dude perfect?

Schey Riggs

You guys are the best remodels that anyone could ever have thank you very much for doing these videos do you guys like show so much support and everyone else thank you for it.


And the list goes on and on

Jody_ Lucas

J.Stone on the come up. TMC

Jaz Estrella

Wait was that like the "stonehenge" from Brave?????

Bee Well

seems that you cant deside if you want Michael or not on camera...

Ruby Ebz

What's the code for PC

Данил Даня


Fantasy Bee

If I had a bf and he told me to send him picks I would send him chicken pics and then be like

mano lis

The new dp

Josh Large


Dayne Plays

Sweet I like the first trick

Derp Duck

I'm watching this in 2017

Alleged Whale

Cody are us

I feel bad for her!


So that's why kappas attack u in scribblenauts 

flavien fénart



You guys forgot about the spoiler


@newz3alander4life Then why dont you go shoot it and show us who fake

• Prinzalina Wallis •

"Then, I passed out.'

Riwanki Wahlang

That's talent

Plush Gang

This looks better if you put What I've Done by Linkin Park over the trailer and then added Michael Bay.

Mia Quigley

Man breaks into house

Peter Lass

I'm dieting for a race and of course ding I get a new notification for another STCG recipe of goodness. Screw it, no one will know!!😋😋

Dhruv bhai


Dawson Nehring

I love overtime

Ava Fish

i wonder how many misses they did before getting it right


they dont make these shots on their first attempts, they shoot numerous takes until they make them, they've said that before.

Andrew Matanmi

Unit uni

Kas Chan

very good!!!

Paulina Kwiatkowska

Excuse me? "what could a twelve-year-old possibly experience that couls lead to PTSD" ? Have you even Seen whats happening to children in the World? How they can be treated? What they can experience? Im sorry but I just cant stand assigning traumatic things to adults only.