Kida The Great, Jujubeatz, Gavin, Shaheem, Konkrete, Jabari, & Kendrick - Dance Freestyle Session

Subscribe - The Great, Jujubeatz, Gavin, Shaheem, Konkrete, Jabari Timmons, and Kendrick. Dance Freestyle Session. Dancersglobal.tvOrder of appearanceKida The Great-- Gavin - - - Timmons - - - Work REMIX (feat. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James & Schoolboy Q) **Explicit Lyrics**Filmed at Step 1 Dance & Fitness by Gabriel ThomasYOUTUBE

Gio Savala

U should do messi or ranaldo


2:36 Anyway, that's where my research has taken me.


@jugglesandmrmathess LOL


is the aligator a reference to the new nickalodeon one?

Bulletforce gamer

He should've had a millon subs by now his content is amazing

Shirou 0.2

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Bwee and Masheeta The Troublemakers

26 bounces.

MyFather'sChild IsRetardedLMAO6969

Can The DOOM Stuff Be Found In The Xbox 360 Version Ask Me FunWithGuru

logan lauseng

crooked goal post

Owen Bates

Please do Robert Downey Jr next that would honestly be great

Jedstar Videos



Resp0n s1bility

There's a special place for Predators, it's called Hell.

Makenzie Fagan

Her Family:*Exists

Gürkan Çınar

Bunlar karamuratın ecnebi çocukları galiba

Johnson Martell

Tom Brady edition?

Daa Lii

how warm they treat each other

Josue Soriano Sanchez

Maia Mitchell? Did she agree to this

jeffrey scarcelle

Call it the perfect whistle lol