King Louie - Goin Dumb | Shot by @DGainzBeats


Mangle The pirate

Girl, don't listen to those jerks, they're just trying to make themselves look better, just find better friends that'll support you, and help you. Not a bunch of jerks bullying you and insulting you, just forget about they're lives, and start with new, better friends, like i did. I was bullied for no reason, just random girls chose me as a very easy person to get bullied. Then, when i went to school and she started to insult me, and i just ignored her like she wasn't there, and totally forgot about her for life. Its been 4 years now, till this day, i know how to defend myself, thanks to dad. And you can thank me for my advice on people that are jerks bullying you

Wasif Khan

Part 3

Ejal Nvt

I suggest nutmeg in the mushed potatoes :)

Анастасия Исаченко

Kittens and popsicles! What can be better?)

teja teja

I also have bpd

jazzyJasmine OwO

0:36 the worst tbh

The Blind Wall

im very dissapointed people


i am better at basketball than the racers are and i am only 8 years old

Robert Gilbert


The Lonely Pidgeon

Oh no im so depressed because of my hair

Behold_ Rebecca

My crush is moving away

Michelle Millet

I just beat this mission after a 14 year long battle trying to beat it on both ps2 and GameCube 😂. Honestly one of the hardest cods on easy lol. Renagen was the hardest part getting the tank to the square 😑. That's what took me about 9 years to complete because the machine guns always got me

Sister Squad

u r crazy

Abdulla Mohamed

2019 xd


1:07 Number two is pretty low on my list.


Pfffff WHAT?

Sun Berito Mukuru 4A

her: i'm the only healthy person in my family

Marshmello bunnie blue

Tomboys don't fuking exist!!!! Sports or things like shorts and trousers or short hair or video games are NOT boys activities. Your just a girls who likes those things girls can like anything!! No such thing as a tomboy or "boys clothes"


looks genuine !

Jennifer Waldron

I’ve watched this, 4 times Maybe it’s because I like bubble gumOr maybe it’s because I like competitions Or maybe it’s because I like DP!

Daisyhook 101

Omg this would be a good movie and this poor girl has been through so much. 1 like 1 pray for this poor girl I hope the rest of her life is calm and peaceful ❤️💜

Diego Alarc� Lorente

mega like

Tuấn thành Lò

Ai người vn ko

Dylan Youngs

I’ll save my money for my Laptop upgrades

Dino Reaper

how is the baby one creepy??

MrKhang Vlogs

Omg my parents dose all of those stuff are you reading my mind or is it common sense

Jacob Nussbaum