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6 ways to reply to people asking for MONEY!! Comment if you enjoyed this, and i'll do more :D

Vintig Fortnite


[Chorus: Lil Skies]


I'm here cause of Joe Budden 💯👍🏾


Who is who

Everest Gamer

I love this channel because it shows me easter eggs that i didn't know about and it shows me new games I've never heard of! Keep it up Guru! :D

jacob overton


Abegail Olfato

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Katy Rooney


Babey Tae

I have OCD and suffer alot, i hate germs, i like my things a certain away, im a perfectionist, in my class people sah im really wierd and they make fun of me and they move things around and i have to put them back in a certain order and it triggers me alot and i move things around till teir perfect and do the same things kver and over again.

Michael Corrao

Sometimes i wonder........IF I WILL EVER DO THESE AMAZING THINGS

naty lopez

My grades have started to drop. A-

toto mts

MR l'elu =) c'est le meilleur ! c une legende !

Ishya Parial

Team ty

what are y'all battery percentage at xD

Luke Sims

Nice 38 Mill can you make it to 39?

Diego Velazco

I’m getting such a black mirror vibe!

minz apfel



@FunWithGuru If you turn up the volume and reverse the audio at 5:10 you can hear (a little) what he's talking about, "The ship is stolen". He's talking about the Borealis which is also mentioned in Half Life 2.

Jennifer Waugh

my fav shot definitely worlds largest sling shot!!🐗😜😜😜😜😜

Parker Branch

When I was watching this video dude perfect came on my TV


Yeeee ATX

Habib Ullah Khan Khilji

Dude bring onether video about pupg

Ivan Mixluis


Mr Floyd

I've never seen this side of her, plus she is still F**k'n Gorgeous!!

Squad life 53

I was there I just passed bass pro shop

D. Micallef


Daniel Mihai

Magnesium + liquid oxygen? :D


As soon as t told my mom about anxiety she dismissed my feelings and told me it's because of puberty and that I have to stop being dramatic and get myself together. I've been saying it for weeks and no one listens

bobb miler

who else saw the troll face