Krept & Konan - For Me (Official Video)

Pre order NOW!7 Days: Nights: video by Krept & Konan performing For Me. (C) 2017 Universal Music Operations Limited#ForMe #Vevo

Meron kang cancer

Nov 2018


Spoilers in this game ? This shity game doesn't even have a story . That game was an garbage experience.

Sir Thesd

No, no you are not. :P

Brit Edit

Battlefield have fucking killed it this time round.

Gachakat the WOOMY

I have no friends really I sit alone on a hill while everyone is hanging out at school it is really heartbreaking for me because I have girls who bully me and lie about me so nobody hangs out with me I compare myself to them and try to be like them but now I don't want to be like them obviously they are rude to people and I want to be nothing like them if people don't accept me for who I am I will find true friends who do those are the people you need don't listen to people when they try to hurt you don't try to compare yourself to them and try to be as popular or pretty or what ever be true to your self we are all beautiful in our own way ❤️❤️

Mason P

Jose Bautista should be next

Kremit The Frog’s Brother

Wow, people are actually commenting their favorite shot!

I hope that whoever this story was about is happy and that they can look back at their love and remember how beautiful it was, and that their love will take care of them, even if it isn’t seen. Me: send a white background with word nudes on it

C 14 _7

How do u give the story and told them everything if u can't remember that event

Adrian Valerio

Seattle Sea Hawks QB


I have BPD. But nobody knows sooooooo. You have been gifted my secret!😐😐😐😐😐😐

huh really

You have earned my subscription

Joehulahula Gaming

I hope that those are not real ashes because if they are that’s just messed up

Tk you dude perfect



Jack prior

Canada all the way




This made my start to cry a little bit. Atleast you are still alive.

Vagesgoldenknitsfan 29

Cody or coby

Jason Leigh

Who watching in 2019

j u s t i n

is this a doc ock tease? hMM


wow...who's sponsering all of that? I mean - I saw planty of dude perfect vid but such creativity must be done thx to some mony or for some couse, right?

The doctor. Whom had been prescribing him medications for TWO YEARS, is surprised by his appearance. She had never even SEEN him until that day. For two years, she had never even looked at a PICTURE of him.

Nour xo

I have rash around my shoulders I took medicines they help me but rash is not completely gone. I need to take new medicines and see anther doctour. Which sacre me that I did not know the cause of rash. I hope I will write my successgul story, soon.

You come with me gets chucked into orphanage

los enmascarados

the next celebrity will be will smith and messi

Jason !

Do more score stuff

Jeremy Argo

The country boysl🙏

Adema Brothers

This is video editing

Ashia Upshaw



So in the movie "ready player one" the final Easter egg was actually not the correct Easter egg. Or at least, wasn't as significant anymore cus the creator thought it was the first Easter egg 😱


Are you for real???

God bless you 😇

Im vegan

Like minutecraft

one second ago

21 bounces I think


Wait oml my mame is lily... OMG


Sooo is that good or bad?