Kyrie Irving Mix - "Money Longer" ᴴᴰ

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Mohammed Almo

The nuketown Easter egg is under 3 min

Pisko pisko

Traveling. stereotypes. 1 👍if you want to see to

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In loving memory of Bubbles

Ƒɑí†հ 2019

What's wrong about the "Sugar Honey Ice Tea!" Part? Am I missing something?

chaela sparks

they forgot the opening scene in Hush.


Can you please do exploding water

Atharva Choudhary

Number of spin every Fidget spinner did👇hey time traveller plz see 👇this 10 years later when I👇get 50 subs and 5 likes

b w


Amazing Bangla Tv


Day 7: Over



Jojo Sea

you can't change your gender though even if it makes you happy you just CAN'T

Soldier 2-"They rock."


He was most likely on his way to trump tower incited by evil radicals on youtube.

[Daniel] Xnabber

Can you please make a minisode Unreal 2 easter eggs? Or likely Unreal franchise. I've found some easter eggs.

Diogo Pinto

5:38 you can hear sam from serious sam 3

Guacamole Man

1:26 When some mf takes my fishing spot

itsmeDeah Gonzales

So i have a cancer

Remov cz

Good video

Grim Mystery

yo this is all too real, my grandpa recently passed, me and him had the same relationship as bijuu and his dad... love your family members as much as you can, if not everything will be short lived.

Emma G

A lacrosse game itself is basically 60mins of trickshots


There's something called the police

Nùra Claudina



Their down in DFW area I know cause I have a house down there

Here’s a cookie

Alex S

Using Avatar’s love as the song made me feel so many things. Such a great series


kristi burleigh

Who's watching this in 2017

Claudia Mejia

I got mad when I saw no queen like if you miss Freddie Mercury

GMD Corrosive

Guru in my country means teacher :')

Jinwook Chung

I love the intro song

aku lahhh

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jes. narwhal

Is there a 3rd episode because if there is I can't find it

Eli Mosher

Anyone here in 5080

kostas kyprhktzis

11:00 wtffffffffff 😐😐😐😱😱



Omg you thé best guru !!!!!!!