LA RESISTENCIA - Entrevista a Yung Beef | #LaResistencia 05.07.2018

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Kirby C

1:36 pg13?


C+ Is still Something

Javier Cordova

Coca cola zero sugar


Who else is proud to hunt?

Sarone Kelete

And remember, don’t do drugs kids

Teagan Mogle

U can edit edit:oh

connor kettwig


Rosette Reyes

watching this I started crying because I went through the same thing..

Luis Oyola

dat leafy song


Dan Ferdez

Air balloon shot.

benjaminpizza vargas

❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️Movie: Go to the NorthMy mind: Brooke Lynn Hytes. 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

Kain Tae

of course


1. He doesnt have to burn it...

Sell gold

William is a big noobb

Should be 30 snakes

Jonathan Williams

7:55, Mission Failed, We'll Get Them Next Time.

Joel Rademeyer


Henry Richards

Why are they in a field

BurntScone Oops

Did they censor sexual assault

Pyrozen Plays

I instantly stopped watching when she said the building shook and swayed

Jerome Mark Oscares


they dont love him if they dont accept him for who he is.


do the packers stadium


I’ve never seen a doctor but when my boyfriend makes me mad I get really angry XD time to add this to my Tumblr.

آايــو୭ الـتـڪـريتيه


Tyler Kuboushek

4:42 sounds like Jamie from myth busters

Omar Hassan Abed Alhameed Al-Bateekhy you can see my travel now in Turkey

C A N A D A :P

Lmao you should have been


like 75

Deus te abençoe obrigado pelo o like

Didn’t show

op23 ty

wow that hit me hard

Alfred F. Jones

What is the rap song in the background?


The Hitman one. WHY.


Hey guru kid it's me from the Xbox tiger 19 I don't know but I'll send you another friend request cuz your not on there any more so yea

Tyrano Toys

10:50 he sounds like Adam Sandler’s Waterboy

Angel Green


Ahmed Dahir

What even is the gift

bryan young

Waiting on the Mario and call of duty Easter eggs 💀😂

Tyler Farber



yeah Goldfinger is still the most fucked up of them all

Sergeant Shultz Bear

don't worry about the dog. He/she's not a bother.

Eeveeplays Roblox

When were you born cause I need to know


2:51 that's a credit card bruh

like if you want Beard Stereotypes by Dude Perfect

James Gurhy

The title is the wrong way round