LaVar says LaMelo will be 2020 No. 1 pick, talks Alan Foster and Lonzo-Zion connection | First Take

LaVar Ball talks to Stephen A. Smith about Alan Foster and the future of the Big Baller Brand, LaMelo Ball’s 2020 NBA draft destiny and Lonzo and Zion Williamson’s longtime connection. #FirstTake✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: interviews with Rachel Nichols A. Smith on ESPN on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

Daden Sarahan

Hey guro find some best! easter eggs :)

but he looks nothing like the women off of the famous story.

Soren Pinelli


Jan ter Veen

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Shania King

I couldn't be bothered watching this as I once had my period for over a year straight...

Craig Daniel

10:07 Drive 1 mile from shore? I betcha that you could drive a mile from the shore on sea without yelling for help. LOL! 😂 No way ty will dare that!

sans default dance 420



4:00 reminds me of farcry 3


12:00 THAT FACE THO 😱😱

Koen Chillz

eiffel tower


simon and harry were the best lmao

Brooklyn vvv

Put joker in this, atlus and you will have a great partnership!

Luke Danen

:53 the dub under the legs



Leila Melgarejo

and thats what we call an addiction

Mathias Renault

Operator welcome up kfxmx scare conversation lock important rhythm.

Patrick Ivory

3:00-3:30 That was some damn good editing. Gave me goosebumps!

Crazy Bendy

How did she start the audio recording?


all of this is what my mom does and I am bad at everything so it doesn't matter anymore. One thing mom does is hit me every day so I give up trying to stop her


4 all those people who has witnessed a death of a family member or a friend I'm SOOOOOOO SORRY

A more common name that will get me views

The title doesn't make sense...


You look like a puma.

Manjeet Singh

Very nice



Chance Davis

When I was reading the first book, I felt ASMR during the ollivander scene (Before I knew what ASMR was)

Brian From The Rebellion

damnit! I thought it was Snoke

Gian Cerezo

5:02 Double Parking is illegal

silent dark shadow ice

The coaster one

John Chipolino


Dan's Projects


Melvin Salazar

Oh btw did the PE teacher f#%* her?!

Elias Seiler

0:54 i guess that’s hear mother in the background ❤️

queen morgan

It's not ur fault you did not know what was goking on she loved you very much remember that

Stay Blue

That is so WIERD


Two episodes in a two days?! That's way too much. 'Bout to pull a Frank Ocean and you won't be seeing me again for 15 years. I spent about 2 hours trying to get a Frank song on the end of this but the Copyright Gods deemed me not worthy. Anyway, Hitman delivers some pretty great secrets as always. I hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for watching!

a ordinary human being

thats sad as fudge, sorry.

fabi alexia Rojas flores

Den le like si entienden español

Nikita Bagajev

3:57 the whole point of that was to get some missiles, a book and a mini-nuke to drop from a hole in the ceiling

Kobe rock gaming

The purple hoser

Rhys Carter

What a waste of gatorade

Adeline Jesserer

annie is a goat