LeBron James 'Witness Greatness' 2016

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Jackson Bell

After a year of screaming im wondering how many times you guys lost ur voices like holy crap

Billie’s Eyelash

What the hell? Support? I told my mom and she said “when have you EVER felt suicidal?” In a rude way and telling me I’m just making up excuses for bad grades...... I had a mental breakdown right then and there because at that moment I felt extremely alone and at a loss. She also basically told me that school is more important to her than my mental health and it is hard to justify making appointments with THERAPISTS when I have low GRADES. FML I honestly just want to die.

Sristhi Priya

I understand that only matters you did a right decision


DAISY Baldi to the basics

You had a really hard life but its not accurate to say "i have seen and heard things that im sure no 13 year old could imagine" it makes you seem like you are saying you are the only one who has been through deep stuff, which is absolutely wrong. You probably didnt mean to sound like that, but im sure me along with alot of other 13+ year olds have been through equally as much pain. We all have.

Jesus !

The fact that he asked for OJ when he was brushing his teeth

Playful music playing in the background

Valerie C.D

Sexy voice ever, I love you Guru, nice work 3. Please make a video of Ben and ed Easter eggs

Holden Thomas

the guy throws the bat every time he does something amazing😂

Opposite Rabbit

J.K Rowling: My husband left me because he had a very intense relationship with a criminal.

Leah Coll

Grayson was right with advocate. It does mean to stand up for something because I did a project in health to support or stand up for not using your cell phone in the car.

jemuel miano

Anyone watching here in 2018

Agent Gaming

My middle name is Robert

Doeheart !

Have you tried to reach out an meet your alters try to keep a diary let them know who you are An they you accept them even tho in DID the main point is to not know you have it but once you know you have it I think it might be best to know your alters so they don’t like spend all your Jeff: Sure what is it

Michelle Wilson

Ngl their backyard is a kids wonderland and tbh I wouldn’t even be mad about it if that happened to me 😂😂

Clemente Cámbara

Your editing skills are beyond fucking exceptional, you knew exactly where and how to put every clip of video. Last scene gave me the chills. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this.

talha emre ünal

new vid hell yeah

Johnny Boy

you SO much for creating a video from a male perspective (which is rather rare to find online unfortunately) It really spoke about my life and such in a 10 min summary. I don't feel like a freak anymore. Bless ya!

Jimin Jamin

Teacher: (opens locker)

Stephanie Sparrow

Ppl in the comments proves point of video

Aditi Upadhyay

I fell in love with my brother's brother-in-law...