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Babish: i think we can better

Kevin Buckley

so Tyler makes a loooooooooootttttt of money. That house is huge

Tyrone 517328

mbhe Physiologists said i had social aneixty disorder but i noticed that i dont always have aniexty in social situation could it be mania thats simulating aniexty people also noticed changes in my mood

Joseph Randazzo


Rathul Chakliath


Reading to Landon

My brother was born at 6 months and then we had them for another five months and then he died😭

Elakai Bubba

Anyone from 2019??


Lmao $1700 for the Wotherspoons

Jason Thorne

Do bats do a rewind e edition so say definition bits at the start and the startingbit at the end

Oh,I forgot to say KNUCKLES.

James Warwick

Hey anyone who subscribe to my channel i will subscribe back


Jeon Jungkook ,You are the cause of my EUPHORIA

Rhys Greenfield



Oh, that's amazing

얀나 Yanna

An ad brought me here 😂😂😂😂

Tank Dempsey

Lmao true

Feeling Peachii


kevin kembau

Anyone in 2019 mei??


The same story here

Steve Holmgren

this game sucks

so how does he train? quick knockout on the feet vs khabib is highly unlikely. i think his only choice really is to somehow find a way to train like a madman to do damage from the bottom. perhaps also he can get into insane jiu jitsu training, and im not talking about his local jiu jitsu coach. im talking about best of the best right now in the world. perhaps damian maia, perhaps marcello garcia. go to brazil and become an absolute loonatic in ju jitsu. go became a slave of marcello garcia, eat breathe and shit jiu jitsu. i see extreme sacrifice and overhauling of everything he has ever known if he is to beat khabib. if tony thinks that what he has achieved so far will prepare him for khabib, he is seriously mistaken.i see extreme sacrifices for this one. a road to hell really. but i do believe that there is a chance. and if anyone can do it it is tony

Milkyway backup


Luke Mitchell

My favorite shot was when you shot the panda

Henry Johnston

I am ashamed I missed this bltps ones

Rachel lin

ok is it bad that i’m addicted to watching these

Elias Burrill

the skill it would take to ride in a grocery cart on your head

Jjcmj 99

When Landon said this was the best morning of his life that was so beautiful congratulations shayla and Landon

You can get a job and earn you own money....

Flop Busch

drew is the real GOAT


Chad is panda

Mason Hardie

For those who watch survivor that is what they use for the fire building comps

Johnmichael Byrd

Stephen curry


I'd like to nominate this clip from the movie "In Secret"

slin fane

awesome! pls go on and never stop making these videos <3