LET ME LOVE YOU - DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - cover by Giselle Torres

Giselle Torres presenta el cover de "Let Me Love You" de Justin Bieber y DJ Snake y es la continuacion de la historia de "Breaking Apart" con Jordan Raley.Giselle Torres new cover "Let Me Love You" (Justin Bieber comp. DJ Snake) brings the second part of the story "Breaking Apart" with Jordan Raley.Composer: DJ SnakeDirection and camera Angelica TorresVoice recording: Ben BagbyA BMT ProductionThanks to Kebo Restaurant.Suscribete a nuestro canal aqui: Facebook: Instagram: Tweeter: GiselleTorres36Snapchat: GiselleTorres36Jordan Facebook: Instagram: Tweeter: JordanRaley13Giselle's Music available in Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and CDBAbyBreaking Apart" Available Now in iTunes

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Love these kind of videos. OMG that eye fan brush has to make its way in to my brush collection! Great suggestion on what it could be used for. LOL on how much lip products Tati kept putting on. I am in my 50's and I don't even think about my age. People I work with don't believe that I'm 53 - don't look it.

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