Lil Durk - Spin The Block ft Future (Official Audio)

Official Music Video: to Spin The Block ft Future - to Lil Durk's official channel for exclusive music videos and behind the scenes looks: Lil Durk:#future #otf

Giulio Scanferlato

you gotta narrate more videos

Kim Ora

I cried...😢this is such a BEAUTIFUL storie

SAMEER KHAN sameer Khan


Katie lu

I feel sorry for this girl cause being gay doesn't mean she's disgusting it just means she's unique



Mario Orellana

3:43 a quien mas le gusta la voz de fondo?


1:42 - seriously?

Good luck :)

Cody Boi11

This is beautiful

Yasmin Ofoghi

Diet lol more like torture

Blanca Peredia

When it says “ all 5 of us got retry ‘’ and when they walked and 4 was walking 🤔

Hayle Near

0:31top 10 epic anime deaths0:35 top 10 anime plot twists

Dylan Starzec

I think this was the first dp video where I watch 6 years ago

Cody P

Team Ty all the way


because only James Bond could 'rape' a lesbian named 'Pussy Galore' and turn her straight...


0:20 is that Ian Hecox?



not planet earth lol

can you get it on computer???

Nicki Fraser

You are the best

Live action shrek performer

Rock Fish


Edit: Roast me if you must but yeah.


1:20 When Bee started talking right here, it made me wanna punch something. I just got SO angry!😂


are you a kid?

Umar Malik

The last one is my favorite

RoneilA •

This actually looks like it's gonna be a good movie !:D

Shay Monika

Thank you for that age-positive message!! That really made my night -- I'm only 27 but I've always said that I never want my youth to be solely defined by my age. 💜

sanford heath

I love your vids

Shawn TheSage

If you like anime watch my channel

#*-*#Flamegrilledberrybiscuits 2007#*-*#

Is it just me or does the title kind of seem like clickbait 😅

that’s an egg

At the end she speaks like she's escaped a cult, I...

Bacha Gaming

Have a nice more videos


Dang u guys are sick i think u guys should make a vid on skydiving edition

Look at the guy behind the first left guy.

Mr Tea

For every like im going to ad an E :