LIL KEY (The Rap Game) FULL Rap Battle vs BAD NEWZ | Hosted by John John Da Don

FULL RAP BATTLE from The Rap Game season 2 episode 8 between LIL KEY out of Baltimore & BAD NEWZ out of Rocky Mount, North CarolinaBrought to you by the #1 Battle Rap platform in the South, BULLPEN BATTLE LEAGUESubscribe:


This is my life

Miranda Honeycutt

King Cody or whatever your name is

Sleepy Annaki

Its ok that you're a weeb


Wow! I’ve watched most of these compared to part 1&2! Awesome edit!

Ma718rco Games

Germany 7-1 Brazil

Me: that's not possible

Greyson Schippers


mooncat is an anime gaymer girl

I bet that baby is a paid actor

Selina Cervantes

Nah na nah na hey hey goodbyeee

Gabriel Audifferen

Good thing baldi is there



Nolan The Nerf Ninja

You should do a team nerf war gooooo TY

Yusaf Auditya

That ending though.

Arturo Mayenco Aranda

Lol , very funny xD but seriously 2:24 wasn't so hard like the others!

Then one day it happened... My dad had a heart attack.

Patricia Martinez

It's like glow zown


Noah Mills

Who's watching in 2016

Jhared Sunga

How did you make that golden blaster

Raylord Of Khalah

ditto also couldn't transform after getting hit with the R serum, the serum made of Mewtwo's dna, which supposedly stabilized it to no longer transform

Untidy Echo


Razor Sharp

Great video.

Sat Oom

The pan's labyrinth!! When the mom os with ophelia

Basil McDaisy

All of Amelie is an ASMR

a peraon

Was this in coco Beach Because Orlando doesn't have a beach

Austin Evans

Nobody cares about a day with you. Think your sooooo cool flexing which your things.

Karl Lim

Is this even realll

Velin Klisurov

not everybody are good at English

Cassandra uvhagen


Rafi Saraj

September 2018 now compare to 2012

Alfie Bean

I don’t get what on earth happened in this


The UP music kinda gave the easter egg away

The doodling wonder wolf M

My mother would have murdered him in his sleep 😳


The good old days!!!

Daniel Cooper

Cody should be called one winner wonder

Matson Durrant

No Coby

Boi Studios

Why is Tyler soooo gooood...

Reed Rasmussen