Lil Nas X - 7 first REACTION/REVIEW

Boy Is Sponsored By EwinRacing Chairs!and code "Meami" for 20% off!Lil Nas X has an EP following the massive success off his hit song "Old Town Road". Most label Nas X as a one hit wonder so maybe this 8 Track EP will quiet down the haters or will it give them a reason for their critiques. All i know is PANININININININININIININFollow meh on all my socialz! Insta: Twitter: Meami_amiFacebook : Meami

David Pilarski

Can you make a Penguin edition

cute kitten tupas

Sut the fuck up anxiety she is just the sa e person as you i think




Zidane Arvy

in the berrics

Luis Alfredo Santos

CARALHO como???


So we're not going to talk about the fact that they wasted so much eggs


Julie Wille

Can u do a no sports battle


The same story game after game after game

Drake Rufus

@Videotubelord 70-80

Jose Olide


Justin Stanyer


Mai Nguyen

Finals don't mean much at my school. AP tests are when everyone dies.

roni bober

tanner swore at 15:36


Ay Guru lad, give us your honest opinion, is Battlefield Hardline shit?

FaZe Luke

The very last trick shot


I’m praying for people who live in El Salvador to live better lives

Elizabeth Taylor

2018 anyone


Meow meow meow meow meow

Çılgın Nunaka

Selamün aleyküm

Manos Kritikos

In the Toronto series we need KD AD and LBJ


Black mirror ?


that truck needs its own movie


crazy golf trick shots at our channel

Manuel Lara Diaz

Fallout 76

Bless Quisol


DG dasher

Nintendo 60fps


That's a perfect video

D o o d

Snug as a Bug on a Drug!

Daniel S

Actually, I think that ED2 curled up bridge with the truck on the other side is not a referenced to the scene where Ash finds the bridge out, but I think it's referencing the scene where Anne and Ed pull up behind Jake's old truck while he's putting up a road barrier to let people know the bridge is out. Of course, I could be wrong.

Kacper Kacperski

#YIAYjob I got my phone when i was 8😂

Klash Gaming

She Is**With Balls!😉

You only see their beautiful face

Panagiotis Stavropoulos

Easter egg inception

ZachtheGamer 43

And guru the easteregg with the 3 developers is actually a refrence to satin from south park

only diffeance is that everyone got extremely dense and only can use the "force" by shouting it out

Lilyana Rizal

This story speaks to me so much :’)


This is a misleading story. You were stupid enough to try and trick me into hating the guy. Disliking.

Blazer Gaming

Why is Tyler always the rage monster instereotypes


@steelfist43 there just jealouscause thay cant do it


Make a second one 2019 anyone

Tea Loop

hey I believe you missed the scene where Scott is dreaming (day dreaming? I don't quite remember) and the fairy fountain theme from legend of zelda is heard~

Bike Race Pyro

Or hes just a overwhelming sadist

Greg Barton

Who's watching this in 2018 ?

Synergy Melodi3s

I don't really often watch challenge videos but it's a really nice video. thumbs up it not really hilarious video but I like you guys.


you must stop at 1:28

C Fletcher

Dp I know who panda 🐼 is it is your d## go look it up on google not please don’t