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Renfred Dazel

Do a rugby video


I live right next to ty 😂😂

Maja 179

YAAAAZ we all need a friend like Polly!

Yash Jain Jain

Watching in 2018 after 28m subscribers

Freaky Four

I’m the creepy guy in the corner gnawing on a pickle. Lol

Noisy Noivern

Nice one Guru. Keep the good work up! ;)

Marcel Miolala

Why is there not F2frestylers

Raymond Santiago

Cowards is called life if you think this is hard go live in a third world country bitches


True story: once I said to my mom I wished I had an older brother, and my mom said I would have, but he passed away in her tummy :(. I swear this is true

Freedom Hotline

Pure degeneracy. Garbage


3:14 look at Ty in the back😂


Dub is for pussy faggot shit cunts


You forgot the game of thrones White walker easter egg.

Nicholas McCue


JH 3

I want a golden hamburger

Paige Rosenfeld

Why does Cody have a curry shirt and a James shirt that is messed up

poop vloger

😀 😅

robert campo

U can be friends that quick those kinds of scars can not be healed that easy

Bayleigh B

10:55 peep Patrick Star

the dad is threatening the bio-mom to not see her kid.

Positivly Angry

Plot twist- Her real mom was her aunt Stacy


I want a star wars game were I can be bad ass sith if I want and cut people in half horizontally and vertically also decapitate mofos and cut their arms and legs off. Garrett: IT'S A CO!!!!!!!


I am so happy they are from Hunter x Hunter. My favorite anime.

Yusuf Gaming

I'm never going to that beach if there's sharks near shore.

Mike Ginty

this was terrible. step it up

Manvir Grewal - Centennial Sr PS (1506)


Tj phillips


Jess DeCoux

I think its good he is carrying

Gianna Charest

So stunning and mysterious. Wtf I’m so excited now.

Abdul Aziz


Fazaniza07 Paino

Ihhpfh jdhi

Valdez of The Seven


Sivasangar Ananthasubramanian

Mr. Excuses is permanent to Cody and rage monster is permanent to tyler

John Kowalczyk

I have never won a giveaway

ocean boosamra

tyler is the best!!!

Gamer 2.0

Where did this series gooooo??????? Where did the uploads gooo?????????


What’s up with Tyler and putting ping pong balls in his mouth?😂


but can he throw a tight spin looooool

Leslie Ekstrom

When you see it’s only eight minutes.🤯

Future Kid perfect

Hi we are the dude perfect kid edition I would hope that you could give us ideas of what to do and maybe we could meet you. I am exited to be doing this and We have been inspired by you. Please email me at


Depression is not healthy