Lil Uzi Vert - Do What I Want (Decaf)

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Where do they get the strike zone

Lucifers Goat

That ending tho😂

mom : well u said boys are tough so why dont ya live on streets of yr tough

Senpai Naruto

2019 anyone???

Eribear 66

U should play with like A girl footballer😁

Allison Hamilton


Nova Kat

I have panic attacks they are the worse at school

Elliot Rodger

Great video as always :)


I love your top ten because there's a lot of easter eggs i've not seen yet ! :)

Gerardo Santillan

Elsa should be the first avenger not Captain America

Amy Greenberg

I love Russell Wilson so much

Taco Boi Vlogs

Do part 2

EliasalHDTV Vlogs

How could we try this at home?

The Lizard Wizard

Music Easter Video Eggs is the new Don't Dead Open Inside

Charlie Drew

Team coby

The Mtb Master

2:00 is what you came for


I'm either Mr. Sunburn or Rage monster My friend is definitely Activity guy


it's not adi-duhs, it's adi-dahs


Yea he should've just played catch n shoot tonight it was way too early


Is it just me, or is the Phantom Bow easter egg very similar to the egg in "Ready Player One"

Lisa Grace Wong

I think that I heard that story on bright side. I think that you were going to visit your father when your plane was caught in a storm.

Vanessa Logossou

Did he tap you or hit you

The Cascadian Hiker

Dude you guys are perfect at all things sports.


And.. where is the Remastered? i see the ps1 grafic


The refs for these games are literally trash. They are definitely are in favor of the Raptors. They called SOOO many false fouls

Max Juarez

no wonder pandas are in danger of extinction


yes he can


where did my banana go? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Peyton Kroells

JuJu Smith Schuster

SC Guy

Do they ever ask good questions


i now hate you guru

My classmates among the girls only felt sorry for me.

George Speth

i watched this in 2017

Natalie Monsalve

Im on the fifth book and a hufflepuff! 💛



There's an easter egg to the Clicker of Last of Us in this game as well.

Joe Sanchez

Dude was a beast driver and years off ff experience

Luna The Floof

Omg omg omg! Yee!

Alex Munch


Xavier Naughton

Anyone else crying??? Poor Family, it must be so hard.