Lil Uzi Vert - The Way Life Goes But It's So Relaxing You Will Fall Asleep

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i was waiting so much for this video

Jake Kniffen


blaž mekina

damn panda u ok dude


My own addiction ended in 1 week

Srdjan Simanic

4:14 vučić confirmed

Eternal Dragon


Cuka Blyat



I figured out that it only takes them one time to do a trick shot...

Filip Angelevski

2:42 When your life starts going well, but reality hits you

Aanila Khan

Bahhh I’m lucky I’m Muslim cos if your Muslim you can’t drink and everyone is Muslim in my family and I’m lucky even though we can’t do many things but at least I’m safe and many kids are safe too...

pink cloverleaf

Woahhh this is intense and dark huh

That's because he nearly killed my mum if I wasn't for my 10 year old self my mum would probably be dead

devil 027

me and my brother did the portal song thing on xbox360


You forgot the part where in AC2, the squid comes out of the water if you wait longer.

Katerina Zori

How much practice does it want???

Crepasta Omg

That’s imbarasing

Dorian Estrada

the panda is awesome

Eric Horner

Laughed out loud. Great!


How much time do you spend to find all these little Easter eggs?



Kitty Katia

Wow Hila was made to be a mother. You guys will be amazing parents! So happy for yall

Me:ArE yOu DrUnK?


You know you clicked for the tumbnail :)


I love the Borderlands Easter Eggs! You did a good job