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kaileb mckenzie

i like you because you still talk to your fans and a lot of youtubers dont do that and thanks for the video

Crystal The Swift Wolf

Next video:my mum ignored me for 7 years and now IM passing away

Ольга Павлова



did you change your channel name to Guru-kid a while ago and back to the old one? 🤚 👃 🤚

Red Snow

I swear if Merida, Moana, Ariel, and even Tarzan is in the movie I will lose my shet. . .

Amy Duong

the son seems close to being like his dad I hope she gets the kids away

Rohit Thapa

Everyone here who wants to be richest god bless you with lots of money and happy life..

Pavle Vrabac

How did you start your YouTube channel?

Owen Bradley

What do u use for it

Eduardo Torres

You speak OMG

Alex Rodriguez

thanks for the warning

Nelson Chen

I feel so bad for the pizza guy

Zanderfish 123

You shoulda brought in todd habercon he’s voiced alllooooot of anime aka I love anime


pepper match

On the first one it would've been better if you did a special code on the D-pad it would open up and send ya somewhere :D

se es

not real, it's called being an american teen

Logan Bailey

Is this real? Like of yes and comment if No.

Natalie Beale-Esquivel

cobys was my favorite on this



Her: omg my hairrr..

Yannick De Meyer

Toyota gt 86

Alex de montes

Good but if they used a real basketball then that would take years to do since they have a special air pressure in the ball

Utkarsh Singh

Flip n dip

Mohamed Benslimane

This vid has an amazing quality 👌👌👌

Chán Buồn

Um... Goblin Slayer chap 26 anyone?

Marco Trejo

This episode could've gone like 20 more minutes and I'd still watch lol

Mason Camarda

Will coby ever win a battle?like if yes

levi cured my depression .

Me With Roblox 💀💀

Bee Sparks Williams

Halle Berry’s Gangster 🍗 😍😘

Barak Obama



Grunts running around in different directions

briggeth zelada



Ok im about to say something very controversial so don’t press read more if you don’t want to read


That dog lmao.

Salman Gillani

Congratulations Ethan and Hila! Say hi to Theodore for me!

Mix all the ingredients except the coby and the bread, then sumerge the bread and put it in the coby. The toast the coby like 1000 degrees in the oven. Add cinnamon if needed.

Andrew Schultz

I felt so bad for Ricardo I thought he was gonna lose but then he destroyed 😂😂

James B

Dude nice video!

Toby Whitt

When Garrett just ran 20 ft away from the base ball 😂 that had me dead 😂

She's a Starbucks barista who deliberately spells peoples' names wrong.

bootyful 00

pls someone help me i cant stop crying. when my friends are out, i really need someone to talk to and the first ever person that came into my mind is my mom. but im scared and too sad to talk to her because this problem might stress her or become a big problem to her too. im so scaree that she might take this problem seriously and it will affect her. i really love my mom, i need her comfort and hugs but i can't talk to her because of that. please help me and tell me what to do😭


you sound and talk like a guru...oh wait, i just saw your sub count and DAMN i used to say"man guru deserve more then 2000 subs" but wow ,cant wait for your surpassing of pewdiepie :P