Major Lazer - Original Don (Flosstradamus remix)

Vela Prodigy

no way he did that


Why is the flag up side down 0:18.

123 minimeee

Was it even hot look at the clouds

Plastic Teeth

Hey did anyone notice that on guru's channel it says that the visor is 13 sec but if u play it it is 12 sec

Peyton Helminiak

These r my favorite type of videos the store ones

also i would like you to try liquid oxygen on burning magnesium.

James Walker

I am so sorry for the rocket ty

babytarzan 09

Pressoct from dallas cowboys

bri baires

wow what a handsome boi

Dennis Shinpaugh

So no one is going to talk about the short cuts to make it seamless???

Taylor Harris

Yeah, they were on E:60 at the very end.

Wundle Réalisation


Tyo Batica

its possible to do it in AE?

Texting Chat Stories For Youtubers

I lost my mom a year ago(I was 13). I t hit me like a ton of bricks. My step dad and grandmother walked through the door. My grandma said, "Last night, an angle came and gave your mama her angle wings." That hit me the hardest. Everyone around me was fighting and arguing. It hurt me I started self harm since I didn't wanna be here I almost thought about Jumping off our second roof. I fought my pain through music. I listened too artist like Panic! At The Disco, Twenty Øne Pilots, and NF. (I still listen to them). I moved to California away from my 6 year old brother and 2 year old sister.

Marlon Montano

Wrong move for Kevin durant.its better not to play..


I've always enjoyed LIVE theatre more than anything, nothing like it!!!! aaaaahhhh,,,,💗💗💗💗💗💗💗....

James McMullan

This is in the campaign and it is on the map plaza.

Mike's Adventures

Just another billionaire who thinks he can do what he wants

Me: Dies

Lemur Blue Animations

The add I saw before this video was about an egg with acne problems...

Nour Elgamal

The best one is the Banking gonger


OutLaW Gaming

Lol this guy is same as mine wanted to be a Dj? Gamer? Same lol

Carrus DeBoard

Do school stereotypes

Oh Yeah yeah



RIP Nip.

Test Monki

Who is watching this in 2073.452971


man am i glad i searched on youtube mirror's edge easter egg so many years ago

Tobama 4life

This was 4 years ago...

FaZe Alex

Man shut up all of you haters he's a good guy he's just young with a lot of money and some problems last time I checked nobody's perfect. I'm pretty sure y'all have done some bad stuff in your life time and don't say you haven't cause everyone has

YTCody Gaming

1 girl always stares at me next minute she's behind me


This is so cool

Federico Martinez

Where is the easter egg of The Arklay Mountains painting where the 1st. Resident Evil was set?


I have ptsd from assult and having panic attacks in class duck hard


"I don't like chocolate stuff that loose" - Link

Dos Cosinos

I'm looking forward to your Black Mirror video. The first two seasons were amazing, but I'm a little less excited about the third one. It has some great episodes, but others are a bit lacklustre.


10:15 A friend of mine tried this around his girlfriend but he almost broke his neck during the very first flip-attempt...

aj supreme

Oh my god! I hope Zelda fights along with us!

Macio Liston

"Whos next?" i say Marilyn Manson vs Korn

Chris Buttino

6:10 Teds evil twin


That's bad luck 4 dauther