Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - MotorSport (3D Audio)

3D- Use Headphones.♡ social media: twitter-instagram-snapchat-thx for watching.

Dominic The Meme God

the luxo ball actually looks like captain america's sheild


200000th viewer WOW

Vincent Loya

That Mario part XD

Angela Young

What is 7 supposed to be

Mine diner52

When ty is doing Q&A with Johnny is Ty holding an IPhone5??

Mia Hopkins

2019 I first on 2019



He deserve it..

Myles Olesen

How does this have more views than bass pro edition

Bigheadjoe XxX

I was expecting to see Spider-Man web it up like it the video game

txt tommorow x take my heart

Okay im just gonna say but th in the thumbnail of elsa and anna i had vibes of doctor stranger


So no one will talk about how he pronounces vitamins?

Nba trick Shots

Nervous Nelly at every sport

Wendy Balas

Why did ty do all the shots

Matrix Gamer

The 7th one was the most weird of all!


You cant kill original

That's the live definition but it's not happening with all scripts .

Noah Scott

2018 anyone?

Kyle Haggerty

The fact this is news is pathetic. He laid a hand on him, you’re a progressional athlete, you are fine. Move on and stop crying.

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Knights of Columbus dale

Sofia Karjala

Ha! Jokes on you!

Lurker Gang

You guys r blessed!

Jacob Wright

How many clay pigeons did you have to break before you get "dropping it in" correct

Ahaha Wow I

About a week ago I was larghing at my mum and joking with her saying I’m never having a period and saying it’s funny that she has hers but a week later I got it now I hate it


very good video


It's said in the video, Porter's daughter died of cancer so he puts the bears in as a memorial to her


Mow Bamba


Notification crew


The funny thing is Uplay+ has more games than stadia

Pratham Lalwani

I am here after 40 million views:)lol......😄

Sugarbelle Productions

this is a great way to explain things

Andrew Moles

Story my grandpa told me (may have gotten some details wrong...oh well) :Fisherman: (on an a boat) Friend: Hey! Mind if I join you? Fisherman: Aight, hop in! (goes further in on the lake)Fisherman: grabs stick of dynamite, puts fuse in it, lights it, throws it.......BOOM!!! (Fish float to surface)Fisherman: (starts gathering the fish)Friend: Y'know, that's illegal.Fisherman: grabs stick of dynamite, puts fuse in it, lights it, hands it to friend You gonna fish, or you gonna talk?Friend: (eyes widen)He fished.

i cant wait

Sexy Lizzy

My Aunts baby died too. I know how it feels.


@tinothat I know right?! you talk like a pompous jackass lol yeah omg totally wow :D

Sport Tastic

I subbed

James Wirtz

What about 2019


0:38 when I fail a test

Maria Saitta



Cody Nystrom

Can Stephen A shoot this man for his dumb antics

Luke Whitaker

crazy kewl


React to CLC please

MRX Gamer

Ty is the best

Tanner Grinnell

You can tell it is not the first shot when they make it because they always have different shirts

you'll never understand how much green that I spended

turtuga gang

So hila has evolved into a supermodel quality, and ethan... Has always looked like a dad. I mean he does, and more with the hat prove me wrong...

Asd Asd



They shouldn't havelet her go

Jellyz_ PG3D

1 like=

Onion extra

From fireworks to nukes



rose nation

Whispers:Nikes are better~ :)