Migos - Walk it Talk it(Lyrics) ft. Drake


Jared Ramsay

i miss the good old days of battlefield 2

tigiman 2005

5:36 I thought he threw the turtle


Lol I'm the one who made the 100 sub but that was long time ago

Landon Mas

CHEATERS the NFL players got to kick with their right leg!!!!!!!!!

Lily Bookworm

my dad's gf's pug recently was put down due to some serious issues, so seeing this made me think of her... 6.Ruin friendship

Angel Coleman

Any notice the stones resemble the stones from brave?

Chan Wallace


Philip Purchick


WaW=Ray Gun

Star Garcia

I liked this right away because i knew that the video was going to be good anyways

Kris Dyer

3:07 the ball goes through the net twice. once in, then out.


I like much this video with kids

Dambiinyam Munkhdelger


awesomesauce J pokemon

Six on try bottle flipping eyes closed on to a barricade in the middle of it slide it

Lisa Farrell

Cody does

Scorps_ Yt

Whats wrong with her clothes lol

Jeb HD

THAT MOVIE scared the crap outta me at first, altough it was a bit short

Sasha Lapayeva

my mom always compares me to stuff and keeps on saying that im horrible at everything. everytime i try my hardest she only finds the bad stuff.


In India, we do eat meat, but it's usually only once or twice a week. We also mostly eat chicken as most of us don't eat pork or beef. So, guess we should be fine from the harms caused by processed red meat.

Mae. Roxx

You do know this is illegal? Both owning or sending those videos or pictures?! Xx

Thomas Lulu


Boo Boo Jackson !

loool peoples who made those games actually have alot of fun doing those eatser eggs,,,,that one 9:55 just cracked me up lol

Coral West

Omg I had a friend I'll call him hunter and he would start arguments over the smallest things and I would end up saying sorry because I had a huge crush on him and he would manipulate me into saying sorry. until one day while we arguing again I told him to shut up and think of what he just said and how mean he was I called him horrible because he was. Later on he said that I needed to say sorry to him for calling him horrible, let's just say we are not friends anymore.

landen Richardson

where's Garrett

GhOsT23 GaMeR

You deserve 1m subscribers and more

Joey Marmol

Dude perfect you guys are awesome

Jordan Gaming roblox and more!

Ty shouldbe on the Texas Ranger team

This Story is Absolutely Beautiful😍

Carter Gates


Can we get 1 sub with no vids?

Subscribe to my channel I have some good content even though I have no videos

Hayden Garvin

Nervous nelly is so me.😭

Meme Producktionz

"may the force be with you"

Mootien Selvom

Are you guys watching in 2019



Rafay Hassan

Best reccomendation i have ever got from youtube . ❤️

Noah Lux



WTF is tha Coach...

Nathan Dally

The jet stream shot is so EPIC!

Darshan Gondkar

They have most satisfied life 👏👏✌👍

Razmil WakSegan95

After 10 years , u recommend me this video .TF .. HAHAHA

Rebecca B

I have both

Marcus Zyker

Ness: I need about Tree Fiddy