Blackpink "Sure Thing" Music Video Reaction *AMAZING!!!!*

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conor gameplay

y pensar que la frase antes eras chido solo era para los youtuber :c



Emmy 0310

Oh my god Chandler why you sooooo useless??????😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰


Dang it doesn't have my favorite one.

Gamer All day and night

Your the best

Roblox Rylie

B’s aren’t horrible.

Some Wild Cat with Water and Revolvers

The Mysterious Stranger is one Easter Egg people still haven't figured out, after all these years...

BossoHog Rocks

like for 2017

Derek Taylor

Cowboy has a broken orbital bone. Fight was done regardless. Both dudes get mad respect from fans and each other. Great fight.

Chara Dreemurr

Me when I see thumbnail: IS THERE GONNA BE A SEXY MAN HELPING YOU?!?

Justin Deow

literal embodiment of depression


Это не джедай, у джедаев световые мечи которые рубят и рассекают всё!, а это чувак со светящейся дубинкой. Он как бы немного "принц персии" и немного "Секиро"

Roberto Canales

Geralt would never get rid off his Roach !

awsomeman 5000

I’m the doesn’t go to the gym guy

вaвy ggυĸιə

no one:

Omri Winicur

Harry Potter vs Dr. Strange (they're both wizards, so...) Like next gen Dumbledore vs Gandalf


They say it’s hole in one but act like it took them 50,000 times🙄LOL

Liam S

You made my jaw drop with shock at the beginning. also 6'5?!?

Adam Buttorff


Potato Tomato

My mom says this the 2 times I've told. Her " Why us it me! Cuz' I think it's you!" And it's too hard and I'm scared a hotline will send me to a hospital

BeautyMind Beautylifecrystalpink

I just got sucked in your satisfying video my body felt really relaxed and my eyes was glued to your video.

Lil Potatoxx

That must've been hard

Musa Muhammad



Rise Atlantis!!!

Zack Can Random

Is it bad that I laughed when the first robot got hit by the train 😂

Toxic Stab

This was very unnexpected, but a very good surprise nonetheless! BoTW is one of my favorite Zelda Games, and seeing it receive a Majora's Mask like sequel is so great. Same Engine, Graphics, and a different story!

Rachel Patterson

I am a huge fan

Mark Knopfler

Tyler you are bad goalie

Its Raiden

Even the AI hates justin bieber!

there was a billboard of the cinema with like 6 indirect game references like


Did anyone else notice Cermet about to drop a deuce on Mr. Marbles at 4:12?! 😂