MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3

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Lucario Life

Nobody:Tyler: 1:56


Poor chandler



Cameron Collins

This is so cool and awsome, thanks for showing me :D

Noah Cardinal élève



What a waste of pit bikes 😩

Jerry Giesler

Sorry everyone, but she's taken. Bode Miller snatched her. ;)

Hailey Dorsey

loved 60 yard

JoJo Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Dunns

Miami dolphins

Human Being

Oh, 700th comment

how am i gonna tell my parents? Yeah Keep doing what youre doing because its amazing!


The argument against on the basis that only the lazy will benefit is completely moot in a discussion of UNIVERSAL basic income. Everyone would receive it, so laziness is irrelevant. As it stands right now, "lazy" people are costing more money than if their basic needs were met. Look at the state of Utah or the Canadian town of Medicine Hat where they experienced an overall savings by providing housing to their homeless, thus eliminating emergency medical and needless law enforcement costs. Trash is already littering impoverished communities. There's almost no trash in communities without homeless people. If you give humans a place to be, it makes logical sense that they'll be much more inclined to put material things where they're meant to be... Basic Income makes perfect sense.

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Mike Conger

Hi person scrolling through the comments

Ja ko



Dat Star Wars reference xD great job on this ;)

B LovedWizard

was that MF DOOM lol?

# Zephyr Woomy #

I know I already have depression, but geez, this video just proves it times two.

Opeyemi Jeminiwa

I love everything about that video

jason roy vargas

We all love u guru, keep doing this! U are the best with this stuff! You have all your support!!

Fresh Sans

Anyone else feel like it might be a previous Ganon that's being revived, or am I the only one?

Munira Piplodwala

Did you guys see tylers hand getting hit by basketball 3:45 when trick shot


When are you doing a video on Battlefield 1?

Burned Kangaroo 1952

How many times has Courtney her 'kill me' shirt

Beso Beska

you are a perfect I love you so much

David Walliams

It’s a Yes from me!

Seb 008

Did i watch Dude Perfect or a Fruit Ninja Gameplay?😂😂

Thomas Lemmons

At 5:53 panda was exposed but it was blured. why don't they just show the face!?!

(Jay’s small engines)

Isabel Cameron

anybody except jenna: * makes dog fashion show *

Mery la loca

0:29 so glad they got to collaborate with bad bunny


❤️Atiny x Ateez ❤️

Read the 9 word 💓

T Jane

I thinkstereotype 18 should be airport stereotypes

Ruthanne Hubsmith

Ohhhh!!! Who is she?????

Aló Fono

Why did he wait 8 years?

Hulianna JACE

Jesus : walks on waterElsa : hold my glove

Celine Johnston

The part I fear of dying, is the breathing, getting shallower and noisy. everybody fears dying,


Liverpool feature Mo Salah first priority


dude perfect? more like YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH