Moneybagg Yo - Dice Game lyrics (BET ON ME)

Pedro Witz


Blue Wolf3627

battlefield 1 is better than all cod games

Karyssa Tuttle

Try having depression, anxiety, autism, and ADHD.😟


About half of which, wait, never mind, all of which, were by Tyler. Like if u agree. Also, one of them wasn’t even a dunk. Anyone watching in 2018?

molly price

My life is over...

Tawesome 7789

Those r weird

Hannah J

I loved Hawaii, it was amazing to see more true local culture. I purchased a handmade dress and it’s my favorite dress I’ve ever gotten.

Rika's world

It's soooo gooood 🤩

It hurts more than period cramps.

Edit: so what if they thought asthma wasn't such a serious disease overall smoking is not good for you and you should always quit

jody clark


Pig Laughs

I'm kind of the opposite....I'm a girl but I LOVE to do boy activities. Except my parents and rest of my family except me :) I love them so much. But I also don't take any hormone pills or anything. It's nothing super serious....thank goodness. I just think that being a tomboy is SUPER fun. But I also like to be a girl. 😊😁

ArmZito _05

I was born in the 42nd week. In the day I was expected to be born...well almost. My mom contracted on 7th March, late hours of this evening. Doctors didn't came...and I was born on 8th March 2005 at 1:20 a.m.

Jason Ourada

baseball's would break the backboards

makkah hassan

you do good

Josh Min

anyone think that this is kind of stupid? it is kind of dumb how a person just wouldn't have the courage to leave a house? or wouldn't she have just called the damn police if this actually happened?

Shashwath Aiyappa